Posted by Felicia on 6:58 PM
Nothing makes you feel older than a 15 yr old asking you what it was like in the old days. She meant the 80's. Yikes! That got me thinking about when I was that age, and I thought 30 was reallllllly old. Now that I am over that hump I find it to be not very old at all. Perspective is an amazing thing. Still, I don't think I would ever wish to be in my teens again nor my twenties for that matter. It was such an emotionally tumultuous time for me, and I was still finding out who i was, and what I wanted out of life. Ok, ok...so I still struggle with that last part, but I am definitely more comfortable in my own skin. And as far as what I told the 15 yr old....The 80's were like Totally Awesome, like gag me with a spoon!



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