Spring is here!!!!

Posted by Felicia on 8:14 AM
In the spirit of spring, Colin and I decided to take the afternoon off and go hang out at the Botanical Gardens here in Huntsville. It was so pretty, and the weather was gorgeous! Here is what I saw.

Could it get any more gorgeous????

I LOVE SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Great Space Coaster

Posted by Felicia on 8:02 PM


The Great Space Coaster cont....

Posted by Felicia on 7:56 PM
Inspired by a fellow blogger's trip down memory lane, I found a clip on YOUTUBE of the opening song for a show that I loved called The Great Space Coaster. I showed my son the clip , and he mentioned wanting to watch the show. That got me to thinking about whether they would ever release it on DVD. Soooo, I did a little internet sleuth work and found the e-mail Of Jim Martin, one of the producers and the voice of Gary Gnu. I e-mailed him yesterday and this was the reply I got back from him.....

Good Morning Felicia
So good to hear from a Great Space Coaster Fan of days gone by!
HOW...did you find me ? ! And Why ! ?
I don't think the GSC will ever emerge on DVD. There is way to much music to get clearance for.
Griffin-Bacall the production company has retired AND my personal feeling is that Your Childhood Memories are much more Wonderful and Colorful than the show ever was.
During it's run there was a VHS release called "The Great Space Coaster Super Show"...A Clip Show.
I've seen it for sale on ebay many times.
Have you listened to the Podcast on
You might find this interesting.
I think the true Joy is that You have a Son to tell these memories to.
Thank You for remembering the GSC AND Gary Gnu !
Always Remember...NO Gnews IS Good Gnews...with Gary Gnu ! HAHA ! !
All My Best To You And Your Family
Jim Martin

How cool is he?? Oh well...it lives on in our memories.

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Buddy, Can you spare a dollar?

Posted by Felicia on 7:18 AM
I have had it with this bank! The bank I have banked with for over 4 yrs was bought out by RBC Centura, owned by Royal Canadian Bank, and all of the branches are being split between them and another bank. I was one of the unfortunate customers who has had to deal with this conversion. We were told this would be a smooth transition. IT SO WAS NOT! They told everyone to expect their bank cards On March 9th because the old ones would be deactivated. My old card was deactivated, but I NEVER GOT MY NEW ONE!!! I have been calling their 1-800 # like crazy and spend hours trying to get a live person on the phone. I even went down to the branch several times because now thats the only way I can get money right now is to physically go in and withdraw. I miss my little checkcard. I actually miss the convenience of it. I hate to carry cash around.
Anyway, the branch people told me they have no idea where it is. It's been over a week people...someone should know something!!! I finally got a hold of someone on the 800 # and he said he would send it out right away and I would receive it in 5-7 business days. Um.....como say huh? don't think so...so the conversation went something like this:

Me: 5-7 business days? I won't get it until the end of next week or more? Can you guys over night it considering I have been without it so long and it's really the bank's mistake?

Bank guy w/nice voice: Let me see ma'am, Just let me put you on hold for a second.

Me: Thank you.(waiting, waiting)

Bank guy w/ nice voice: Ma'am, we can go ahead and overnight it to you, but it will cost $35.

Me: (incredulous) $35? *breathe, breathe* (calm, and politely) Can the bank cover that considering all that has happened?

Bank guy w/ nice voice: Let me check, hold on.(long pause)......ma'am, we will go ahead and pay for that.

Me: (giddy) Thank you so much! You're the first live person who has really done anything to help me. Will you marry me? or just be my secret lover? (ok I didn't say that last part but I wanted to)

SCHWEET....but it'll be more like Wednesday before it gets here, but hey, it's a whole heck of a lot better than 5-7 business days.

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Smells like coconut in here...

Posted by Felicia on 1:13 PM

(In the tune of Love is all around me) Spring is all around me, it's everywhere I go..so if you really love spring come on and let it show. AND I DID! (yes, I'm cheesy, don't judge me! :P) I was feeling very springy despite the sudden drop in temperature that sent me diving into my winter clothes pile to dig out a long sleeve shirt to wear to work. But alas, the sun came out and I decided to throw some hard-earned money at Bath & Body works at lunch. Who needs a map of the mall when I let my nose lead me towards those wonderful smells. I am a sucker for the tropical stuff, and ended up getting some Exotic Coconut, and Tropical Passionfruit sprays and lotions.

Oh sweet coconut how you tempt me with your tropical islandy goodness that makes me want to drink something with a paper umbrella in it on a beach and call it a day. Oh well, I will settle for a fake rendition that makes me a little bit happy.After my purchase I wandered over to The White Barn Candle CO. (oh so conveniently located next to and through Bath&Body Works) and smelled everything I could until my nose begged me to stop. I could live in that place. I love love love candles, and I really need to not blow my tax refund on all of that. Ok...I might blow a little. Hey I deserve it...I let Uncle Sam hold onto my money interest free for a whole YEAR! Wasn't that nice of me? Anyhoo, I am amazed at how good everything smells, but I tend to go fruity or clean with candle smells with my favorites being Mango Pineapple or Clean Linen. The ones that I would like to get as a joke are the ones that smell like food so I can fake my family and friends when they come over, and lure them with false hopes of chocolate chip cookies or Amaretto Espresso Latte! HAHA Well in any event I walked out of there with the hopes of smelling like summer, and finally shaking off my winter blues. I'm officially ready for spring.

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I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Felicia on 7:30 PM
I did it! I passed the state licensing insurance exam! Whew! I am official now. I can sell you car insurance..hahaha

The test was hard, but the taking of it left me feeling frustrated and mad. Apparently the server at U of Alabama in Tuscaloosa decided to go down several times which made all of us have to log in and out 4 different times, and wait for the pages to load incredibly slow. It took me twice as long as it could have. They finally got everything squared away and I finished the test. When it was over I waited impatiently ,with a knot in my stomach, for the proctor to come over and hit the submit button. For the next 2 minutes I choked down the bile in my throat that threatened to unload itself all over the keyboard while I waited to see if I passed or not. Then magically, those 6 little glorious letters flashed onto the screen. PASSED Oh thank you Lord! I said it so loudly people started laughing. I turned red, apologized and scooted my butt out of there to pick up my little temporary licensing certificate! Hurray! My ass is havin a celebratory glass of wine!

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My kid in a nutshell....

Posted by Felicia on 7:01 PM

My 8 yr old son has taken an anti-adult stance when it comes to receiving any of his knowledge about things in this world. Case in point, one recent conversation last week.

Colin: Mom, did you know the sun rises in the west and sets in the east?
Me: No honey, that's backwards. It rises in the east and sets in the west.
Colin: Nooooo. It rises in the west, and sets in the east.
Me: No honey it doesn't.
Colin: MOM! I saw it!
Me: It may have seemed like it because sometimes when it sets the horizon gets orangey and pink which makes it look like its rising in the west. It's pretty huh?
Colin: But MOM, I SAW IT! ( said with righteous indignation)
Me: Honey, it's the law of nature that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Let's look it up on the internet. (looks up kid's science website) Look! See? It rises in the east and sets in the west. (said somewhat smugly)
Colin: (stone faced and quiet)(long pause)....What does the internet know anyway?

HA HA! I love that kid!

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