I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Felicia on 7:30 PM
I did it! I passed the state licensing insurance exam! Whew! I am official now. I can sell you car insurance..hahaha

The test was hard, but the taking of it left me feeling frustrated and mad. Apparently the server at U of Alabama in Tuscaloosa decided to go down several times which made all of us have to log in and out 4 different times, and wait for the pages to load incredibly slow. It took me twice as long as it could have. They finally got everything squared away and I finished the test. When it was over I waited impatiently ,with a knot in my stomach, for the proctor to come over and hit the submit button. For the next 2 minutes I choked down the bile in my throat that threatened to unload itself all over the keyboard while I waited to see if I passed or not. Then magically, those 6 little glorious letters flashed onto the screen. PASSED Oh thank you Lord! I said it so loudly people started laughing. I turned red, apologized and scooted my butt out of there to pick up my little temporary licensing certificate! Hurray! My ass is havin a celebratory glass of wine!


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