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Posted by Felicia on 7:56 PM
Inspired by a fellow blogger's trip down memory lane, I found a clip on YOUTUBE of the opening song for a show that I loved called The Great Space Coaster. I showed my son the clip , and he mentioned wanting to watch the show. That got me to thinking about whether they would ever release it on DVD. Soooo, I did a little internet sleuth work and found the e-mail Of Jim Martin, one of the producers and the voice of Gary Gnu. I e-mailed him yesterday and this was the reply I got back from him.....

Good Morning Felicia
So good to hear from a Great Space Coaster Fan of days gone by!
HOW...did you find me ? ! And Why ! ?
I don't think the GSC will ever emerge on DVD. There is way to much music to get clearance for.
Griffin-Bacall the production company has retired AND my personal feeling is that Your Childhood Memories are much more Wonderful and Colorful than the show ever was.
During it's run there was a VHS release called "The Great Space Coaster Super Show"...A Clip Show.
I've seen it for sale on ebay many times.
Have you listened to the Podcast on
You might find this interesting.
I think the true Joy is that You have a Son to tell these memories to.
Thank You for remembering the GSC AND Gary Gnu !
Always Remember...NO Gnews IS Good Gnews...with Gary Gnu ! HAHA ! !
All My Best To You And Your Family
Jim Martin

How cool is he?? Oh well...it lives on in our memories.



That is AWESOME!!!

I absolutely remember that show! I remember when they had that little girl who played Annie in the movie on that show. And Gary Gnu was a definite favorite!

i used to watch that show when i was getting ready for work...i still sing the song sometimes.

man i am old.

but how cool that he emailed you back!

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