Smells like coconut in here...

Posted by Felicia on 1:13 PM

(In the tune of Love is all around me) Spring is all around me, it's everywhere I go..so if you really love spring come on and let it show. AND I DID! (yes, I'm cheesy, don't judge me! :P) I was feeling very springy despite the sudden drop in temperature that sent me diving into my winter clothes pile to dig out a long sleeve shirt to wear to work. But alas, the sun came out and I decided to throw some hard-earned money at Bath & Body works at lunch. Who needs a map of the mall when I let my nose lead me towards those wonderful smells. I am a sucker for the tropical stuff, and ended up getting some Exotic Coconut, and Tropical Passionfruit sprays and lotions.

Oh sweet coconut how you tempt me with your tropical islandy goodness that makes me want to drink something with a paper umbrella in it on a beach and call it a day. Oh well, I will settle for a fake rendition that makes me a little bit happy.After my purchase I wandered over to The White Barn Candle CO. (oh so conveniently located next to and through Bath&Body Works) and smelled everything I could until my nose begged me to stop. I could live in that place. I love love love candles, and I really need to not blow my tax refund on all of that. Ok...I might blow a little. Hey I deserve it...I let Uncle Sam hold onto my money interest free for a whole YEAR! Wasn't that nice of me? Anyhoo, I am amazed at how good everything smells, but I tend to go fruity or clean with candle smells with my favorites being Mango Pineapple or Clean Linen. The ones that I would like to get as a joke are the ones that smell like food so I can fake my family and friends when they come over, and lure them with false hopes of chocolate chip cookies or Amaretto Espresso Latte! HAHA Well in any event I walked out of there with the hopes of smelling like summer, and finally shaking off my winter blues. I'm officially ready for spring.



i don't know what candle company it was, but for a little while you could buy a "mashed potato" scented candle at bath and body works. i couldn't figure out who would want such a thing until a pregnant friend fell in love with it.

to each her own i guess!

(i love the coconut body butter at the body shop, myself.)

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