April happenings...

Posted by Felicia on 6:32 PM
Ok...I know it has been forever since I last blogged. Life has been pretty crazy so I will share what all has happened.
  1. I got a new job. In insurance. Not glamorous by far, but far better than my last job.
  2. I got a raise after 3 weeks. I kid you not. Because I was teasing my boss about it. He gave it to me.
  3. I turned 33. Not very traumatic as birthdays go, but still not where I would have liked to be by now. Although, things are looking up.
  4. Had a fabulous birthday dinner at Tokyo where they cook your food in front of you. I love this. I have proof that they did not ,in fact, sneeze in my food before serving it to me.
  5. My mom gave me an Ipod shuffle for my birthday. I love it! Color me surprised.
  6. I owe the IRS this year. YUCK!
  7. I went out on a date with a very nice guy. He actually called back. Perhaps I didn't mess it up. HAHA
  8. I developed a crush on another guy whom I have never met, but I really like his personality so far.
  9. I found out MIKA will be in concert in June in Atlanta. I heart him.
  10. I am sooo going if only to hear him sing Big Girls(You are Beautiful).
  11. I ran my AC and heater in the same day. Weird Alabama weather.
  12. That really was not all that interesting to tell...lol
  13. I started reading lots more blogs and have found some really cool bloggers out there.
  14. I realized that I really need to blog more myself. I have just as much to say as the next person. It may not always be witty, and funny, but it's me.
  15. I have decided to take decisive action in making myself healthier and happier this year. More to come on that subject.
  16. I realized I need to work at being a better mom, read, more patient.
  17. I went to Panoply Arts Festival in downtown Huntsville for the first time. $18 dollars for 2 corn dogs, chips, and a drink? Are they serious? geez....
  18. I had a fabulous indulgent night of wine, and dip, and girl chat with my good friend Rachel. We don't see each other often , but always manage to fall into our old comfy friendship. I love that.
  19. I bought 2 cameras off Ebay. 35mm. I love to take pictures and plan on indulging more of that hobby.
  20. I have 20 rolls of film to develop.



Wow! You HAVE been busy! Congrats on the new job, quick raise and recent birthday. :)

happy birthday!

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