Leaving on a Jet plane....

Posted by Felicia on 8:43 AM
Every summer since 2002 when my son and I moved from California to Alabama he has made an annual trek back there to spend eight weeks with his dad. And every summer without fail I miss him like I miss the air I breathe.
Now I completely understand how his dad feels not being with him, and it makes me appreciate even more the sacrifice he made in letting us come out here. He could have easily been a dick about it, and said no because we are divorced and all, but he understood why I wanted to come out because we both wanted him to have a better life, and we felt Los Angeles was not the place to raise him.
In some ways I get excited because the burden of everyday responsibility is lifted a bit for awhile, and I can catch up on lots of things, and rest, and walk around naked if I wanted to, which is in the middle of my list of things to do. Haha...maybe, maybe not. Anyway, after about a week of being responsibility free in the kid department I start to get sad. Very sad. There's no one to scold for leaving the lights on in the house...no one to sing to at night..no one to wake me up to ask me if he can come sleep in my bed because he had a nightmare. Ask any mother and they will say that despite the crap they can put you through sometimes, eight weeks is an awful long time to be away from your kids. He leaves next Tuesday.Here is just one example of why I will miss him.
Our conversation from the other day:

*Coming out of Kroger*

Mom, you dropped the bread out of the bag. Aren't you glad I was there to pick it up?

Yes of course. What would I do without you?

* Pause* Probably have a miserable life.

Thanks son...haha you're hilarious.

* A few days later*

I'm going to miss you, but I know you're going to have fun. What will I do when you're not here?

Well, just make sure when you come out of the store that you are holding both handles of the bag so the bread doesn't come out because I won't be there to pick it up for awhile mom.
*It already hurts....*

And yet another reason...just because he is his quirky, funny little self.

Notice the little orange pine tree air freshener? Smelly bike? Clean it up with this! haha...because riding out in the fresh air sometimes just isn't enough to take the smell away? I asked him about it and he said he found it and put it on there. What can I say...my son wants to have his bike smell like a cab.

I'm going to miss that punk.

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The Ants go marching one by one ...

Posted by Felicia on 11:04 AM
I spent the weekend pet sitting for a friend in a house with broken air conditioning. I think this is stretching the limits of our friendship here. The only thing that made it bearable was the pool. That kept us nice and cool, and we were able to bear it. Otherwise I might have filled a small kiddie pool with water and pet food, and let the animals fend for themselves. I don't do well in the heat for extended periods of time. I'm a certified wuss.

When we got home, we noticed a nice little black trail coming from my son's closet all the way to the trash can in the kitchen. Great, ANTS! The line was literally 15 ft long. I immediately start getting the creepy crawlies. I start scratching. Soooo, I got out the vacuum and proceeded to suck the little boogers up. And of course with ants, you can suck up everyone of them you see, but you never quite get them all. Stray ones always pop up even after you think they're all gone. Well, I had just about finished and was about to put the vacuum away when I remembered the spilled birdseed on the counter and the kitchen floor from our bird feeder craft. I took the vacuum over there and sucked up all the seeds. Then I noticed the breadcrumbs on the pan, and near the toaster. Up they go into the vacuum. Wooohooo....I'm just in a crazy cleaning mood. Just then my son walks in and sees me sucking up crumbs, and says,
" oooh, uhhh, mom? Won't the ants eat the crumbs and the bird food? "

Uhh....why didn't I think of that? Shut up, I am so way smarter than a 3rd grader. I am....I was just in cleaning mode...yeah yeah that's it!

"Uh, no, they are probably swimming around in the dust and dirt. They're too busy to eat."

Says who? He's right. They're probably in there right now digging dirt tunnels and making a new colony of what's left of their brood. They're probably thinking what a great new home the vacuum bag is because the food crumbs come in automatically, and they find shiny treasures like pennies, and paper clips, and oh hey...is that an earring? They will elect someone a queen and have little ant babies, and they could live quite comfortably within the confines of the vacuum bag. And, and...I really need to quit watching animated movies about bugs who can talk.

I promptly took the bag out of the vacuum , even though it was only half full, and took it out to the big trash can. No way am I playing foster mom to ants.

I'm itchy.

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10 things I've done you probably haven't

Posted by Felicia on 1:52 PM
1. Ripped the top of my foot open on a carpet nail when I was 5.

2. Fell into the water on the log ride at Knott's Berry Farm.

3. In the 4th grade I sang "Hello" by Lionel Richie to the then mayor of Redondo Beach.

4. Lost a tooth when it stuck to a piece of candy called a Now& Later.

5.Met Tom Hanks while walking home from the bus stop when I was 15.

6. Performed at the opening ceremonies for EuroDisneyland in Paris in 1992.

7. Slipped on a wet floor in the capitol building in Sacramento Ca. in front of hundreds of people.

8. Sat on the assembly floor of the capitol building in Sacramento and voted in a mock government.

9. Square danced with 1,500 high school students on a helipad on an army base in San Luis Obispo.

10.Had a beer with Cameron Diaz's sister and her family.

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Get out of my dreams, get into my car...

Posted by Felicia on 9:46 AM
What is up with some people ? I was driving to work this morning, and a commercial van turned right onto the road right in front of me and made me slam on my brakes. I knew he knew he was in the wrong because he looked at his side view mirror at me so I threw up my hands. He then proceeded to mouth some obscenities at me , and shoot me the one fingered salute. Um....excuse me? You cut ME off remember??? I got angry, but then decided to do what any red-blooded american would do. I blew him a kiss. MUAHHHHH! hehehe I laughed and he got angrier, and mouthed more words at me. But....who ended up with the lower blood pressure? HAHA Me of course.

In other news,

I am officially old. This weekend, riding with my friends in their minivan on the way back from dinner, I actually looked around and thought, *This is kind of nice. Lots of room, and sliding doors, and...*. What the...? For the better part of , oh...my entire life, I was adamant that I would never turn into one of those soccer moms who drives a minivan. ( I know, don't shoot me. I'm not judging...it's a personal choice! ha!) Ok, well, I AM a soccer mom, but I drive a cute little Honda CR-V that gets great gas mileage, and doesn't make me feel like a frumpy housewife even if I wear curlers in my hair while driving my kid to school. Um yeah, I would so never do that, and when I say never I mean I did it this morning. Anyhoo, I was resistant to any minivan conversion of my soul. But riding along with my friends in their new 2007 Toyota Sienna , the idea has slowly absorbed into my little head that it might actually be nice to own one.

What is happening to me? I hit 30 something and all of a sudden I think minivan.? Oh well, that's ok. At least I might be able to haul more than one kid around now, while listening to Barry Manilow, and driving to a 7:30 Bingo game. Don't be jealous!

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Mother's Day musings

Posted by Felicia on 8:23 AM
The sky is blue, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and my reproductive organs got together and decided that Mother's Day would be the day that I am reminded what they are there for. Geez...talk about feeling miserable. No wonder I have been crying when I watch anything remotely sappy, and devouring an entire pan of brownies BY MYSELF! Seriously, who knew that Spongebob Squarepants could make me cry like a teenage girl watching a Steel Magnolias movie marathon.

Now that I have skeeved everyone out who reads this....

I was listening to music off of Itunes yesterday, and got a little nostalgic for some ABBA. You heard me. ABBA. I love them. Don't judge me. Anyway, I was listening to Waterloo, which always reminds me of one of my fave movies Muriel's Wedding, when my almost 9 yr old son came out of his bedroom , and says,

"I think I want this to be my wedding song."

" You want Waterloo to be your wedding song??"

" No, no, no, the last song, the I Do, I Do song. I want that to be my wedding song"

" Really? Sweet!!"

"Who are you going to marry?"

" Well, I like Katie, but mom? She's a little...ummm...complicated."

*stifling a giggle* " Honey, they all are. Just pick the less complicated ones, and it wouldn't hurt if she liked ABBA, because she had a totally rockin' mom."

" Mom, you're weird"

(I have a fear that he will end up with someone who thinks the height of musical genius is Avril Lavigne. Nothing against her..I like her, but broaden the horizons a bit ya know?)

Then it occurred to me that a boy who liked ABBA just might end up gay. Haha. Probably not, but it was funny enough to send this revelation to one of my fabulous ABBA loving friends. She agreed that it could happen ; ABBA has that effect on some. Her son loves it as well. And then promptly said that it would be ok because no one takes care of their momma better than a gay man!
Happy Mother's Day to every cool, rockin' mom (and the not so rockin') who love their kids a little more each day, and realize just how cool it is to be a mom.

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Five for Friday-When you've only got 100 years ...to live

Posted by Felicia on 10:50 AM
1. Four years ago where were you? I was in Alabama working as a preschool teacher, my son was almost 5 , I had a new car(new to me), and I was in a semi-depression/ heartache over a guy I was no longer with, and who I had completely fallen for.

2. What bores you to tears? Golf on TV. *snoooooooze*

3. Do you have rhythm? I've got rhythm, I've got music, I've got my man, who could ask for anything more? uh well...haha no man...but I definitely have rhythm. You want fries with that shake? ;)

4. Who would you like to see today? Steve

5. Friday fill-in:Always thought that I'd be an archealogist.

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Cupcakes Everywhere!

Posted by Felicia on 9:39 PM
Did you know that I make cakes? I do. I swear. And they are not hideous and don't resemble frosting laden rocks in any way. I made my first wedding cake by reading a book. It turned out beautifully. That was 1997. Since then I have done many more mainly through word of mouth. That's actually the only way I get business. I always have fun doing them, but they can be stressful because I tend to be a perfectionist with my cakes. Anyhoo...I made a retirement cake for someone and from there I got another gig. I was supposed to make a ladybug cake, but I got inspired and jumped on the cupcake bandwagon. Ok, maybe inspired is too strong a word. I got lazy, and knew cupcakes would be easier! HaHa! But hey! Cupcakes are the rage people. They are cute, versatile, and you can make a bunch of different ones and put them all in the same box. SUHWEET! These are my lazy...errr....inspired creations.

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5 things

Posted by Felicia on 1:52 PM
I borrowed this idea from another blog because I thought it was cool.

5 things in my purse:

Sunglasses- because even on overcast days I am blinded
Hand lotion
5 tubes of lipstick-different colors (I’m obsessed)
Altoids- Spearmint

5 things in my car:

CDs of John Heffron(comedian) & Elliot Yamin(American Idol contestant)
Bobby pins
McDonald’s toys (various)

5 things in my fridge:

Organic milk -I swear to you it tastes so much better
Chicken tenders
Half bottle of white wine

5 things in my closet:

Cute dresses I buy that I never wear, but I won’t part with them
30 pairs of shoes, half of which are sandals and assorted flip flops. It’s a sickness.
Tons of pictures on the top shelf just waiting to be put into albums
One fabulous spring coat I got from Old Navy, but never get to wear

5 things on my coffee table:

A copy of US Weekly magazine because my uncle’s picture is in it
Cracker Barrel peg game
My son’s KNEX creation that he built to look like a space ride

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