5 things

Posted by Felicia on 1:52 PM
I borrowed this idea from another blog because I thought it was cool.

5 things in my purse:

Sunglasses- because even on overcast days I am blinded
Hand lotion
5 tubes of lipstick-different colors (I’m obsessed)
Altoids- Spearmint

5 things in my car:

CDs of John Heffron(comedian) & Elliot Yamin(American Idol contestant)
Bobby pins
McDonald’s toys (various)

5 things in my fridge:

Organic milk -I swear to you it tastes so much better
Chicken tenders
Half bottle of white wine

5 things in my closet:

Cute dresses I buy that I never wear, but I won’t part with them
30 pairs of shoes, half of which are sandals and assorted flip flops. It’s a sickness.
Tons of pictures on the top shelf just waiting to be put into albums
One fabulous spring coat I got from Old Navy, but never get to wear

5 things on my coffee table:

A copy of US Weekly magazine because my uncle’s picture is in it
Cracker Barrel peg game
My son’s KNEX creation that he built to look like a space ride



Your uncle was in US Weekly? Very cool!

Yeah..he's married to Cameron Diaz's sister. Going on 2 yrs now...pretty strange...lol

That is really crazy. Very cool, though!
Is she as gorgeous as Cameron?

It is crazy. Chimene is beautiful. She is not as tall as Cameron, but she is very pretty. Sounds just like her too which really threw me. lol Her whole family is awesome. Sooo down to earth that you would never know the lifestyle they lead.

That is very cool!

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