The Ants go marching one by one ...

Posted by Felicia on 11:04 AM
I spent the weekend pet sitting for a friend in a house with broken air conditioning. I think this is stretching the limits of our friendship here. The only thing that made it bearable was the pool. That kept us nice and cool, and we were able to bear it. Otherwise I might have filled a small kiddie pool with water and pet food, and let the animals fend for themselves. I don't do well in the heat for extended periods of time. I'm a certified wuss.

When we got home, we noticed a nice little black trail coming from my son's closet all the way to the trash can in the kitchen. Great, ANTS! The line was literally 15 ft long. I immediately start getting the creepy crawlies. I start scratching. Soooo, I got out the vacuum and proceeded to suck the little boogers up. And of course with ants, you can suck up everyone of them you see, but you never quite get them all. Stray ones always pop up even after you think they're all gone. Well, I had just about finished and was about to put the vacuum away when I remembered the spilled birdseed on the counter and the kitchen floor from our bird feeder craft. I took the vacuum over there and sucked up all the seeds. Then I noticed the breadcrumbs on the pan, and near the toaster. Up they go into the vacuum. Wooohooo....I'm just in a crazy cleaning mood. Just then my son walks in and sees me sucking up crumbs, and says,
" oooh, uhhh, mom? Won't the ants eat the crumbs and the bird food? "

Uhh....why didn't I think of that? Shut up, I am so way smarter than a 3rd grader. I am....I was just in cleaning mode...yeah yeah that's it!

"Uh, no, they are probably swimming around in the dust and dirt. They're too busy to eat."

Says who? He's right. They're probably in there right now digging dirt tunnels and making a new colony of what's left of their brood. They're probably thinking what a great new home the vacuum bag is because the food crumbs come in automatically, and they find shiny treasures like pennies, and paper clips, and oh hey...is that an earring? They will elect someone a queen and have little ant babies, and they could live quite comfortably within the confines of the vacuum bag. And, and...I really need to quit watching animated movies about bugs who can talk.

I promptly took the bag out of the vacuum , even though it was only half full, and took it out to the big trash can. No way am I playing foster mom to ants.

I'm itchy.



Ooo ants! I had that problem in my last house and got some spray stuff to zap the little critters. It worked, but I don't remember what it was - something I found at Target, though!

I love Trader Joe's, too! I wish they had one here in Chattanooga, but sadly I have to go to the Atlanta area any time I need my favorite banana crisps and my beloved two-buck chuck!! :) There are five TJ's in Atlanta now - the one I go to is in Roswell (Fulton County) off of Hwy. 92. If you need directions, let me know and I'll shoot you an email!

5 of them??? Oh goodness...why don't they bring them up north a bit? We both live in major cities. We need to write a letter!

And yes..please send me the directions. spoiledrottenqueen@hotmail.com

Thanks Stacey!

People should read this.

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