Cupcakes Everywhere!

Posted by Felicia on 9:39 PM
Did you know that I make cakes? I do. I swear. And they are not hideous and don't resemble frosting laden rocks in any way. I made my first wedding cake by reading a book. It turned out beautifully. That was 1997. Since then I have done many more mainly through word of mouth. That's actually the only way I get business. I always have fun doing them, but they can be stressful because I tend to be a perfectionist with my cakes. Anyhoo...I made a retirement cake for someone and from there I got another gig. I was supposed to make a ladybug cake, but I got inspired and jumped on the cupcake bandwagon. Ok, maybe inspired is too strong a word. I got lazy, and knew cupcakes would be easier! HaHa! But hey! Cupcakes are the rage people. They are cute, versatile, and you can make a bunch of different ones and put them all in the same box. SUHWEET! These are my lazy...errr....inspired creations.



ok, so we need a way to transport things over the internet instantly....

- Jon
- Daddy Detective
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cuuuuuuuute. i love cupcakes. and i love ladybugs. perfect mix.

wanna share any recipes?

Those look divinely yummy and they are so adorable!

Thanks for adding my blog to your "favorite reads" list. We Northern Alabama chicks need to stick together. :)


Mmmm ... those look absolutely irresistible. Thank God they're not anywhere near me! :)

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