Get out of my dreams, get into my car...

Posted by Felicia on 9:46 AM
What is up with some people ? I was driving to work this morning, and a commercial van turned right onto the road right in front of me and made me slam on my brakes. I knew he knew he was in the wrong because he looked at his side view mirror at me so I threw up my hands. He then proceeded to mouth some obscenities at me , and shoot me the one fingered salute. Um....excuse me? You cut ME off remember??? I got angry, but then decided to do what any red-blooded american would do. I blew him a kiss. MUAHHHHH! hehehe I laughed and he got angrier, and mouthed more words at me. But....who ended up with the lower blood pressure? HAHA Me of course.

In other news,

I am officially old. This weekend, riding with my friends in their minivan on the way back from dinner, I actually looked around and thought, *This is kind of nice. Lots of room, and sliding doors, and...*. What the...? For the better part of , oh...my entire life, I was adamant that I would never turn into one of those soccer moms who drives a minivan. ( I know, don't shoot me. I'm not judging...it's a personal choice! ha!) Ok, well, I AM a soccer mom, but I drive a cute little Honda CR-V that gets great gas mileage, and doesn't make me feel like a frumpy housewife even if I wear curlers in my hair while driving my kid to school. Um yeah, I would so never do that, and when I say never I mean I did it this morning. Anyhoo, I was resistant to any minivan conversion of my soul. But riding along with my friends in their new 2007 Toyota Sienna , the idea has slowly absorbed into my little head that it might actually be nice to own one.

What is happening to me? I hit 30 something and all of a sudden I think minivan.? Oh well, that's ok. At least I might be able to haul more than one kid around now, while listening to Barry Manilow, and driving to a 7:30 Bingo game. Don't be jealous!



You blew him a kiss? That's AWESOME! I'm gonna have to use that trick!

Your minivan thoughts are funny.

LOL Yep, I sure did. I started doing that when I was getting frustrated from years of driving in L.A. , the land of cutter-offers. It felt so much better than a return "bird". lol

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