Leaving on a Jet plane....

Posted by Felicia on 8:43 AM
Every summer since 2002 when my son and I moved from California to Alabama he has made an annual trek back there to spend eight weeks with his dad. And every summer without fail I miss him like I miss the air I breathe.
Now I completely understand how his dad feels not being with him, and it makes me appreciate even more the sacrifice he made in letting us come out here. He could have easily been a dick about it, and said no because we are divorced and all, but he understood why I wanted to come out because we both wanted him to have a better life, and we felt Los Angeles was not the place to raise him.
In some ways I get excited because the burden of everyday responsibility is lifted a bit for awhile, and I can catch up on lots of things, and rest, and walk around naked if I wanted to, which is in the middle of my list of things to do. Haha...maybe, maybe not. Anyway, after about a week of being responsibility free in the kid department I start to get sad. Very sad. There's no one to scold for leaving the lights on in the house...no one to sing to at night..no one to wake me up to ask me if he can come sleep in my bed because he had a nightmare. Ask any mother and they will say that despite the crap they can put you through sometimes, eight weeks is an awful long time to be away from your kids. He leaves next Tuesday.Here is just one example of why I will miss him.
Our conversation from the other day:

*Coming out of Kroger*

Mom, you dropped the bread out of the bag. Aren't you glad I was there to pick it up?

Yes of course. What would I do without you?

* Pause* Probably have a miserable life.

Thanks son...haha you're hilarious.

* A few days later*

I'm going to miss you, but I know you're going to have fun. What will I do when you're not here?

Well, just make sure when you come out of the store that you are holding both handles of the bag so the bread doesn't come out because I won't be there to pick it up for awhile mom.
*It already hurts....*

And yet another reason...just because he is his quirky, funny little self.

Notice the little orange pine tree air freshener? Smelly bike? Clean it up with this! haha...because riding out in the fresh air sometimes just isn't enough to take the smell away? I asked him about it and he said he found it and put it on there. What can I say...my son wants to have his bike smell like a cab.

I'm going to miss that punk.



He sounds like a pretty cool kid. Love the air freshner on his bike - what a classy touch! Ha! :)

He is a great kid. I'm very lucky.

I don't easily tear up , but this time I did. My "punks" are 21 and 25.Every so often, they make noise about finally moving out and I say something like "From your mouth to God's ear" or " wow! My water bill will drop about 95% " I'll be thinking long and hard before I do that again. I miss 8 years old!*sniff*

He sounds pretty neat. For a kid, you know?

Northern AL, eh? I've been there.
I'm sorry.

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