Mother's Day musings

Posted by Felicia on 8:23 AM
The sky is blue, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and my reproductive organs got together and decided that Mother's Day would be the day that I am reminded what they are there for. Geez...talk about feeling miserable. No wonder I have been crying when I watch anything remotely sappy, and devouring an entire pan of brownies BY MYSELF! Seriously, who knew that Spongebob Squarepants could make me cry like a teenage girl watching a Steel Magnolias movie marathon.

Now that I have skeeved everyone out who reads this....

I was listening to music off of Itunes yesterday, and got a little nostalgic for some ABBA. You heard me. ABBA. I love them. Don't judge me. Anyway, I was listening to Waterloo, which always reminds me of one of my fave movies Muriel's Wedding, when my almost 9 yr old son came out of his bedroom , and says,

"I think I want this to be my wedding song."

" You want Waterloo to be your wedding song??"

" No, no, no, the last song, the I Do, I Do song. I want that to be my wedding song"

" Really? Sweet!!"

"Who are you going to marry?"

" Well, I like Katie, but mom? She's a little...ummm...complicated."

*stifling a giggle* " Honey, they all are. Just pick the less complicated ones, and it wouldn't hurt if she liked ABBA, because she had a totally rockin' mom."

" Mom, you're weird"

(I have a fear that he will end up with someone who thinks the height of musical genius is Avril Lavigne. Nothing against her..I like her, but broaden the horizons a bit ya know?)

Then it occurred to me that a boy who liked ABBA just might end up gay. Haha. Probably not, but it was funny enough to send this revelation to one of my fabulous ABBA loving friends. She agreed that it could happen ; ABBA has that effect on some. Her son loves it as well. And then promptly said that it would be ok because no one takes care of their momma better than a gay man!
Happy Mother's Day to every cool, rockin' mom (and the not so rockin') who love their kids a little more each day, and realize just how cool it is to be a mom.




they ARE all complicated...good advice!

- Jon
- Daddy Detective
- www.daddydetective.com

ps: happy mother's day

Thank you Jon. I hope your wife had a good Mother's day!

I just rocked out to "Dancing Queen" yesterday afternoon and remembered how fun ABBA is, too! Music just isn't what it used to be ... And I fear that saying that just made me OLD! :)

I completely agree! And I know what you mean. This weekend I actually entertained the idea that buying a minivan wouldn't be so bad after all. Como say what???? Welcome to my club. Bengay anyone? Rolaid perhaps?

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