Dream a little Dream

Posted by Felicia on 9:45 AM
Lately, I have been dreaming a lot. It's the same with all of my dreams that I dream in color, and forget most of it 5 minutes after I awaken. However, there is always a dream that no matter how much time has passed you still remember it vividly.
I remember when I was a 10 I had a dream and Luke Skywalker was in it. (Don't judge I had a major crush back in the 80s) I was walking through a corridor where the ceiling was too high up to see and on the left hand side there was a concrete border that extended up 30 feet. Luke Skywalker was summoning me to a room. It was at the end of the corridor to the right, and as I came into it there was a very large fireplace with a fire burning. The room was very large with high ceilings and it was entirely carpeted, but the floor had speed bumps that were covered by carpet. Luke was sitting against one of them facing the fireplace, and he summoned me over. I sat down next to him and he told me stories. Then we got up and went out of the room through a door on the opposite wall where I walked in. It turned into a grated black metal tunnel and we slid down like on a tube slide. I could hear voices laughing, and I heard water splashing. We continued to slide through tube after tube until we came out falling into a small ravine filled with water. I looked up and there were kids dancing and splashing in the water and all around were tubes that other kids had come sliding out of. The walls were rocks built up, but there appeared to be no way out. I looked around and Luke Skywalker was gone. I remember trying to climb up the rocks to try and climb through the tubes to get out but all they did was lead you back to the ravine. I woke up after that, but to this day I cannot understand what it all meant. It was just one of those bizarre dreams I guess.

What about you? Any dreams that you remember?



i'm still haunted by some of my childhood dreams. i wake up now in the middle of great dreams and immediately forget them but those shark and frankenstein dreams from my younger days...they just don't go away! so unfair!

I know! It's amazing the things that stay with us over the years.

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