I'm in Love

Posted by Felicia on 11:22 AM
I would like you all to meet my friend's little girl Harper. Oh.....my....Gawd...Becky...look at her ...cheeks! I could eat her up she's so cute. She's 14 months old, and a heartbreaker. Watch out fellas!

Likes: Juice, hugs, Baby Einstein, ripping magazines,eating things off the carpet, and fake sneezing

Dislikes: The word "No", falling down while walking, boys who drool.

I got the awesome task of watching her on Saturday while her Momma toook a much needed day for herself, and I dear folks got to cuddle squishy baby flesh all day long. It was wonderful. The only downside to all of this? I forgot how much crap babies need to have with them when you travel. Forget about packing light. Between me, the baby, and my purse, and the diaper bag my arms were loaded with assorted wares. I gave a good imitation of a juggler. On top of all that I wore the wrong shoes which made it harder to walk anywhere.

On the flip side, because she has dark hair and light eyes people mistook her for mine. I played dumb , and said thank you and blushed when they said she was cute like me. " Why, thank you! How sweet of you!" I got to pretend for a little while. She put on a good show by cooing, and smiling, and batting her gorgeous eyes at them. Hello?? Um, it's not half as cute when I do it anymore, darn it all. I even took her shopping where she insisted I buy her some outfits. (She did...I swear I speak her secret language) I even bought her some snacks which turned into a game of " I hand you this to open, and YOU give me what's inside" She loved that game. Me? not so much. But overall I had a blast with her.

I learned some things too in this experience since I have been out of the "baby" care biz awhile. I learned it's probably not a good idea to give the baby a sip of your vodka and sprite to quiet them down for a nap. Don't let them play with pennies. They put those in their mouths!! Don't give them your cell phone to play with unless you want it covered in goo. Please disregard everything in this paragraph. I was just kidding. Well, except for the cell phone. Seriously...phone covered in baby goo. Yuck!

The experience left me melancholy, and aching for another one. Babies will do that to you. And they will most certainly cover your phone in goo.



She's a doll! And I'm with you on the baby aching.

I got your email. I'll call you soon!

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