Lovin' in the pants

Posted by Felicia on 12:20 AM
My friend Jeff came up from B-Town to hang out with yours truly tonight, and had lots o' fun. We had something to eat and then went to see the movie Knocked Up, which was REALLY good by the way so go see it, and then we came back and looked up funny stuff on the internet because we are dorks like that. Why are you still reading this?....go see Knocked Up...now...what are you waiting for?

Ok...so after he left to drive himself all the way back home I called him to see if he had made it home safely. He was like 10 min away , and said thanks , and what would he do without me. I borrowed a line from my son and said he would probably have a miserable life. Haha The wisdom of a 9 yr old. This is what came next.

"You know Colin is going to be a teenager in like 4 years??"

"Yeah, and then the problems start. He'll be asking girls to spend the night, and stuff."

"No, I already decided I'm not gonna be the cool mom like that."

"Awww come on...don't you want to be the young grandma?

"Uhhh, that thought right there alone is enough to make me confine him until he is 25."

SO I turned it on him and said, " Hey, do you realize , since you're 36, that if you had a kid when you were a kid that you could technically be a grandpa??? Dude, that's crazy. You would have a really hard time getting dates. I could only imagine THAT conversation. You would be hard pressed to find a 30-something woman that wants to be a step-grandparent."

"Nah...you just have to know how to spin it."

"huh? How would you do that?"

" I would just tell them I have two generations of lovin' in my pants."

" Nice...very classy."

My friend Jeff ladies and gentlemen..available for weekend shows. No repeat performances.



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