Weekend Happenings

Posted by Felicia on 12:30 PM
Had a busy, busy weekend, but oh so much fun.

On Saturday we went over to our friend's house and we all piled into the car and headed to Harmony Park Safari here in Huntsville. This is a place where you view (mostly) free-ranging animals in their natural habitat. You know, camels, oxen, bison, zebras, and llamas dodging cars throwing corn at them. All very normal stuff for wild animals. LOL It was cool though. These animals know where their food comes from. It comes from Suburbans and minivans. Duh!
We made our way through the park and rolled our windows down to feed the deer coming up to our car. It was really cool to have them loping up to the car looking for corn. That is....until the camel spotted us. Have you never had a camel put his entire head and neck in your car to get food? No? Well I highly recommend it if you like your car to smell like nasty, smelly, CAMEL. I can't even describe it. The kids started screaming, and me and my friend's husband William were laughing hysterically. That camel would not leave! We finally had to throw the cup out the window to get him to leave. AND....as we were doing that, the zebra came up on the driver's side and sneezed all over William. Zebra snot and camel dust EVERYWHERE. LMAO Hilarity ensued. The kids finally calmed down and we were able to get rid of the larger beasties. We continued to drive through, and look at the other animals being careful to avoid the emu population because we were told they agressively peck. No thanks! We even watched an alligator behind a fence stalk one of the unsuspecting deer that had innocently come up to the fence. It was quite the adventure. I laughed so hard my sides hurt.

On Sunday we headed up to Chattanooga to visit the aquarium. This is my 3rd time visiting, but it is just a beautiful place. In fact, the whole Chattanooga downtown area is just a great place to be. We got to touch a sturgeon which is a fish that can live between 75-150 yrs of age. We also got to touch nurse sharks and stingrays, and butterflies.

My child is NOT the "jump right into the pool" kind of kid. He's way more the "dip my toe in slowly" kid. But that's ok. Once he does it we have trouble getting him to do the next thing. Geesh!

"Pet the shark Colin. It's so cool! He feels sandpapery."I say with much enthusiasm and amazement.

"Uh, do they bite? "he asks nervously keeping his hands near his chest because he thinks nurse sharks jump 5 ft in the air to snatch little kid hands.

"No sweetie. They wouldn't put the touch tank in if they did that. They are safe. OOOOH...touch the stingrays...mushy!"

"The Crocodile Hunter MOM!!!!!!!!!" he shrieks loudly for everyone to hear.

It's at this point that all hands came out of the water, and I turn beat red. The guide with the microphone quickly stated emphatically that their barbs are clipped regularly and that they were of no danger. Leave it to my kid! The hands started to go back in the water and a stingray swam up to the side and stayed put long enough for Colin to put his arm in and gingerly touch the mushy Crocodile Hunter killing species. Success! (and many condolences to Steve Erwin's family)

We then ventured onward to see the penguins and sharks which were very cool. All the kids kept referring to the penguins as Happy Feet.

After all of our ramblings we headed over to Rock City. A once privately owned rock garden that was made into a public attraction. Very pretty, and it boasts a place where you can "Lookout" and see seven states at the same time. Virginia, North & South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. Beautiful views and surprisingly cooler up there too.

We also ate at Sticky Fingers which is a very good bar-b-que joint. YUMMY! I can't wait to go back. The kids loved it too.

And now I leave you with this picture where it looks like the little one is flipping off the camera. Classic.

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Posted by Felicia on 6:54 AM
My son is back! He's bigger, and he seems more mature. I feel like I missed out on that. But, I am sooooo happy to have him here. And now we interrupt our regularly scheduled feel good post for a rant.

His father brought him home wearing a....WIFEBEATER shirt as clothing! AND, AND his father had not cut his hair all summer and so he was sporting a smallish MULLET. I could have died. My 9 yr. old was wearing a WIFEBEATER, in ALABAMA. Ummmm NO! A Kevin Federline, wannabe rapper, no job, living off his wife, four babies, 2 "baby mama" wifebeater shirt. In case you don't know what that is I'll show you.

The term originates from frequent depictions of aggressive middle aged men, usually living in low conditions (such as living in a trailer) and having low income, who would be depicted as beating their wife or children and sitting in front of a TV, watching an American Football game and drinking beer in a stained white sleeveless shirt.

Now I'm sorry, I know they can be very popular when models wear them for ads and all, but personally I have never liked them. They represent something I loathe, and it burned me to no end that his father would buy him that to wear. He claimed he never heard the term before and that this was the first time he had worn one, but then looking through some pictures later I found pictures of my son near a California monument wearing the said wifebeater shirt. Only once huh? Liar.
So now I will spend the next week or two deprogramming the white trash out of him, and getting him back to his normal life and routine. I just have to trust that my influence for 10 months out of the year is enough to balance the 2 months that he is exposed to inappropriate stuff.

I'm glad he's home.

*Rant over*

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My heart

Posted by Felicia on 9:11 AM

My "baby" comes home tomorrow! I can't even begin to explain how excited I am. It has been 8 weeks since I have seen him, and it is going to be a happy little reunion. I was happy to have those few weeks to myself as it is always nice to relax and do some things for yourself instead of always catering to the needs of another, but I truly missed him, and find myself not so patiently waiting for his safe return home.

Now I am not one of those moms who lives and breathes for her children, and exists only for them. I have my own life too, and I don't see us as one person. That being said though I love him beyond anything measurable in this universe. I never knew I could feel so much love for someone, such undying, all encompassing, unconditional love for another human being. I don't love him out of duty as a mom to her child, but because I see in him all the good things there are in this world, and what it truly to means to be selfless. He makes me strive to be a better person and for that I am eternally grateful.
It's amazing how truly wrapped up in ourselves we can get, and how easy it is for us to be jaded by what we see in this world, but he forces me to see the world through his eyes and to remember that joy I had myself when I was growing up before I got cynical and diappointed. I see through him all that the world could be and is, and that eternal optimism is refreshing in these times. I remember to thank God every day for the small miracles that I take for granted in my hurried, busy day. I look for the good in people instead of the bad, and most of the time I find it. Colin sees the world through rose-colored glasses, and you know what? That's not a bad idea. It's not that I want to live in a dream world, but I recognize that it is far better to be thankful for the things that are good than to always harp on the things that are bad. I choose to look at this world with childlike wonder, and I am much happier for it.
Colin.....The believer of good....The lover of animals...The friend to the friendless.....The lover of funny bodily noises....The child of my heart.
He's not half bad....for a kid.

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Beach adventures

Posted by Felicia on 4:43 PM
I had an absolutely fabulous time at the beach. I ate seafood(rare for me), and lounged, and swam, and BURNED! Oh yes...I burned big time. My virgin white skin decided to abort and left in its wake angry, red skin. Suffice it to say it made the 6 hour trip home in the car very unpleasant. In any case we had a blast.

The Flora-Bama was just what I thought it would be. Nothing more than a watering hole where locals and tourists alike share drinks and stories and occasionally argue over who does a better version of Freebird, the band at 6pm or 8pm. I think the band at 8 did better but don't tell the guy in the braid with the tough looking leather Harley Davidson jacket. He might kick my hiney.

As for the water, it was warm and wonderful all except for my fears of jellyfish attaching themselves to my skin, but we were lucky this time. One little girl got stung on the back of her legs and her parents pulled her from the water and were hovering around her DOING NOTHING. My friend was a former lifeguard growing up and she decided to go over and help. She explained to them that they should go get vinegar or meat tenderizer to put on it immediately, and the dad just looked at her like an idiot and said he was thinking of peeing on it. Uh.....yuck. She explained that urine really does nothing for it and that her dad peeing on her legs might not be the best way to get her through childhood mentally unscathed. The parents opted to wait for the ACTUAL lifeguard and meanwhile watched their daughter wail for another 5 min. until the dad finally scooped her up and took her to the car. Idiots.

Of all the fabulous places we ate I would have to say that for food and atmosphere that LuLu's at Homeport Marina was the best. This place is owned by Jimmy Buffet's sister Lulu, and it was great. It's all outdoors next to a marina , but it is covered by a roof. The whole restaurant is bathed in fans and misters to keep guests cool, and the beer and alcohol flows freely. The whole place looks like a beach when you walk up because of the sand and picnic tables and umbrellas everywhere outside and surrounding one side of the place. There are also tiki bars and little stands that sell bottled beer while you wait. Oh, and you will wait. It's so popular it can boast 2 hour waits or longer depending on time and day. They even make t-shirts and souvenirs that say " I survived the wait at Lulu's!" I kid you not. But luckily we arrived around 4 and got a table in 45 min and were eating by 5:20 so it was all good. I had fish tacos that were out of this world and the yummiest drink called the Bama Breeze. I highly recommend the combo. Such fun...go, go go! Oh and stop by Souvenir City. All the plastic crap emblazoned with Gulf Shores on it that you can handle! LOL

In other news....I went to Steve & Barry's at out local mall here to check out Sarah Jessica Parker's new line called Bitten.Everything in her collection is under $20. Thank you! The stuff was very cute. It's not fashion runway stuff by any means, but just cute, wearable every day stuff for cheap. I got a pair of bootleg cut dark denim jeans for $14.98 and a cute off white scalloped blouse for $9.98. UNBELIEVABLE! I am so going back. I love SJP so much. She's always been one of my fave actresses, but now she is one of my fave people. Her motto for the line is " Fashion is not a luxury, it's a right!" Love her....

Ok...signing off. I made fried green tomatoes for dinner. YUM!

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Some Beach...Somewhere

Posted by Felicia on 8:27 PM

Guess where I am going for four, count em, four gorgeous days and three beautiful nights!

Orange Beach Baby! I am sooooo excited. Now, I am a California girl, and I grew up on the Southern California coast, but I must admit that The Pacific has nothing on the Gulf of Mexico. Clear blue/green waters, white sugar sands. OOOOOOHHHH count me in. Not to mention that I have been in this fair state for 5 years and have yet to experience the wonders of the Alabama coasts. What have I been doing with my time???? I got an unbelievable opportunity to go very cheaply so I snatched at the offer.
Me and my friend Rachel and her 2 work buddies will hit the trail early Saturday morning to make the 6 hour(give or take a few for obligatory potty breaks and the occasional stop at Stuckey's for pecan logs...oh my gawd!) trip down there. Our many plans include imbibing in way too much alcohol, eating many things that really shouldn't be fried, but are because it's like an Alabama state law that anything remotely good for you must be dipped in batter and fried in heart clogging saturated fats, and enjoyed thoroughly before we slink off to our porches and play banjos, and hitting a little well known spot called The Flora-Bama. What? What's that? You've never heard of it? Why it's only one of the last and greatest roadhouses of all time which just happens to straddle the Florida/Alabama border. Now, I must admit that I have only recently found out about it so don't feel bad. Only the finest people go there. And when I say finest I mean the occasional toothless, drunk person who absolutely MUST show you his set of false teeth. Seriously...second hand story here, but disturbing nonetheless! HAHA I can't wait. Here's a picture of the effects of Flora-Bama on some people.

I really hope this doesn't happen to me. Nahhh, my friends
actually care about me too much to leave me like that. Or do they? Rachel? Rachel? Please don't let me do that. Oh and don't shame me with a sharpie because I have to work on Wednesday. Yeah? Cool! Thanks!

But mostly I just plan on lounging around and working on removing this pale color from my pasty skin. If it's possible. I mean I might just blend in with the sand.
So....I wave goodbye til Tuesday evening where I will try in vain to remember what it is I do at work. Work? What's that?

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