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Posted by Felicia on 4:43 PM
I had an absolutely fabulous time at the beach. I ate seafood(rare for me), and lounged, and swam, and BURNED! Oh yes...I burned big time. My virgin white skin decided to abort and left in its wake angry, red skin. Suffice it to say it made the 6 hour trip home in the car very unpleasant. In any case we had a blast.

The Flora-Bama was just what I thought it would be. Nothing more than a watering hole where locals and tourists alike share drinks and stories and occasionally argue over who does a better version of Freebird, the band at 6pm or 8pm. I think the band at 8 did better but don't tell the guy in the braid with the tough looking leather Harley Davidson jacket. He might kick my hiney.

As for the water, it was warm and wonderful all except for my fears of jellyfish attaching themselves to my skin, but we were lucky this time. One little girl got stung on the back of her legs and her parents pulled her from the water and were hovering around her DOING NOTHING. My friend was a former lifeguard growing up and she decided to go over and help. She explained to them that they should go get vinegar or meat tenderizer to put on it immediately, and the dad just looked at her like an idiot and said he was thinking of peeing on it. Uh.....yuck. She explained that urine really does nothing for it and that her dad peeing on her legs might not be the best way to get her through childhood mentally unscathed. The parents opted to wait for the ACTUAL lifeguard and meanwhile watched their daughter wail for another 5 min. until the dad finally scooped her up and took her to the car. Idiots.

Of all the fabulous places we ate I would have to say that for food and atmosphere that LuLu's at Homeport Marina was the best. This place is owned by Jimmy Buffet's sister Lulu, and it was great. It's all outdoors next to a marina , but it is covered by a roof. The whole restaurant is bathed in fans and misters to keep guests cool, and the beer and alcohol flows freely. The whole place looks like a beach when you walk up because of the sand and picnic tables and umbrellas everywhere outside and surrounding one side of the place. There are also tiki bars and little stands that sell bottled beer while you wait. Oh, and you will wait. It's so popular it can boast 2 hour waits or longer depending on time and day. They even make t-shirts and souvenirs that say " I survived the wait at Lulu's!" I kid you not. But luckily we arrived around 4 and got a table in 45 min and were eating by 5:20 so it was all good. I had fish tacos that were out of this world and the yummiest drink called the Bama Breeze. I highly recommend the combo. Such fun...go, go go! Oh and stop by Souvenir City. All the plastic crap emblazoned with Gulf Shores on it that you can handle! LOL

In other news....I went to Steve & Barry's at out local mall here to check out Sarah Jessica Parker's new line called Bitten.Everything in her collection is under $20. Thank you! The stuff was very cute. It's not fashion runway stuff by any means, but just cute, wearable every day stuff for cheap. I got a pair of bootleg cut dark denim jeans for $14.98 and a cute off white scalloped blouse for $9.98. UNBELIEVABLE! I am so going back. I love SJP so much. She's always been one of my fave actresses, but now she is one of my fave people. Her motto for the line is " Fashion is not a luxury, it's a right!" Love her....

Ok...signing off. I made fried green tomatoes for dinner. YUM!



So glad you had a great time on your vacation!!

I've GOT to make it over to Huntsville this fall for some SJP love. I'm so jealous you guys have a S&B and we don't. :(

You do! And we need to have dinner and drinks and general girl time fun! I would love to meet ya!

What a fun trip! And SJP's stuff sounds awesome! Less than $20?? I am SO there!

i have wanted to go to the florabama for a while now. i am glad you had fun. now i'm gonna have to plan some kind of crazy road trip!

California girl...you SO do. It's completely affordable, and cute!

Ren...it's a blast! You must! Road trips are great and the Flora-Bama was just plain fun!

That sounds great! I'll let you know when I decide to head that way. :)

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