Posted by Felicia on 6:54 AM
My son is back! He's bigger, and he seems more mature. I feel like I missed out on that. But, I am sooooo happy to have him here. And now we interrupt our regularly scheduled feel good post for a rant.

His father brought him home wearing a....WIFEBEATER shirt as clothing! AND, AND his father had not cut his hair all summer and so he was sporting a smallish MULLET. I could have died. My 9 yr. old was wearing a WIFEBEATER, in ALABAMA. Ummmm NO! A Kevin Federline, wannabe rapper, no job, living off his wife, four babies, 2 "baby mama" wifebeater shirt. In case you don't know what that is I'll show you.

The term originates from frequent depictions of aggressive middle aged men, usually living in low conditions (such as living in a trailer) and having low income, who would be depicted as beating their wife or children and sitting in front of a TV, watching an American Football game and drinking beer in a stained white sleeveless shirt.

Now I'm sorry, I know they can be very popular when models wear them for ads and all, but personally I have never liked them. They represent something I loathe, and it burned me to no end that his father would buy him that to wear. He claimed he never heard the term before and that this was the first time he had worn one, but then looking through some pictures later I found pictures of my son near a California monument wearing the said wifebeater shirt. Only once huh? Liar.
So now I will spend the next week or two deprogramming the white trash out of him, and getting him back to his normal life and routine. I just have to trust that my influence for 10 months out of the year is enough to balance the 2 months that he is exposed to inappropriate stuff.

I'm glad he's home.

*Rant over*



Oh, I would TOTALLY freak out if my kid came home in one of those, too! Ick!

Good grief!! I would have been a tad ticked, too.

Wow, so two whole months apart?? That must really be tough for both of you. And yes, I totally agree, no no no on the wifebeater!!

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