Some Beach...Somewhere

Posted by Felicia on 8:27 PM

Guess where I am going for four, count em, four gorgeous days and three beautiful nights!

Orange Beach Baby! I am sooooo excited. Now, I am a California girl, and I grew up on the Southern California coast, but I must admit that The Pacific has nothing on the Gulf of Mexico. Clear blue/green waters, white sugar sands. OOOOOOHHHH count me in. Not to mention that I have been in this fair state for 5 years and have yet to experience the wonders of the Alabama coasts. What have I been doing with my time???? I got an unbelievable opportunity to go very cheaply so I snatched at the offer.
Me and my friend Rachel and her 2 work buddies will hit the trail early Saturday morning to make the 6 hour(give or take a few for obligatory potty breaks and the occasional stop at Stuckey's for pecan logs...oh my gawd!) trip down there. Our many plans include imbibing in way too much alcohol, eating many things that really shouldn't be fried, but are because it's like an Alabama state law that anything remotely good for you must be dipped in batter and fried in heart clogging saturated fats, and enjoyed thoroughly before we slink off to our porches and play banjos, and hitting a little well known spot called The Flora-Bama. What? What's that? You've never heard of it? Why it's only one of the last and greatest roadhouses of all time which just happens to straddle the Florida/Alabama border. Now, I must admit that I have only recently found out about it so don't feel bad. Only the finest people go there. And when I say finest I mean the occasional toothless, drunk person who absolutely MUST show you his set of false teeth. Seriously...second hand story here, but disturbing nonetheless! HAHA I can't wait. Here's a picture of the effects of Flora-Bama on some people.

I really hope this doesn't happen to me. Nahhh, my friends
actually care about me too much to leave me like that. Or do they? Rachel? Rachel? Please don't let me do that. Oh and don't shame me with a sharpie because I have to work on Wednesday. Yeah? Cool! Thanks!

But mostly I just plan on lounging around and working on removing this pale color from my pasty skin. If it's possible. I mean I might just blend in with the sand.
So....I wave goodbye til Tuesday evening where I will try in vain to remember what it is I do at work. Work? What's that?



Oooo ... having just returned from the Gulf of Mexico, I am SO jealous!! I love the blue water and white sand! You're going to have a great time!! :)
Take lots of pictures and share them with us when you get back!

Sounds so fun! Have a great, great time!

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