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Posted by Felicia on 12:30 PM
Had a busy, busy weekend, but oh so much fun.

On Saturday we went over to our friend's house and we all piled into the car and headed to Harmony Park Safari here in Huntsville. This is a place where you view (mostly) free-ranging animals in their natural habitat. You know, camels, oxen, bison, zebras, and llamas dodging cars throwing corn at them. All very normal stuff for wild animals. LOL It was cool though. These animals know where their food comes from. It comes from Suburbans and minivans. Duh!
We made our way through the park and rolled our windows down to feed the deer coming up to our car. It was really cool to have them loping up to the car looking for corn. That is....until the camel spotted us. Have you never had a camel put his entire head and neck in your car to get food? No? Well I highly recommend it if you like your car to smell like nasty, smelly, CAMEL. I can't even describe it. The kids started screaming, and me and my friend's husband William were laughing hysterically. That camel would not leave! We finally had to throw the cup out the window to get him to leave. AND....as we were doing that, the zebra came up on the driver's side and sneezed all over William. Zebra snot and camel dust EVERYWHERE. LMAO Hilarity ensued. The kids finally calmed down and we were able to get rid of the larger beasties. We continued to drive through, and look at the other animals being careful to avoid the emu population because we were told they agressively peck. No thanks! We even watched an alligator behind a fence stalk one of the unsuspecting deer that had innocently come up to the fence. It was quite the adventure. I laughed so hard my sides hurt.

On Sunday we headed up to Chattanooga to visit the aquarium. This is my 3rd time visiting, but it is just a beautiful place. In fact, the whole Chattanooga downtown area is just a great place to be. We got to touch a sturgeon which is a fish that can live between 75-150 yrs of age. We also got to touch nurse sharks and stingrays, and butterflies.

My child is NOT the "jump right into the pool" kind of kid. He's way more the "dip my toe in slowly" kid. But that's ok. Once he does it we have trouble getting him to do the next thing. Geesh!

"Pet the shark Colin. It's so cool! He feels sandpapery."I say with much enthusiasm and amazement.

"Uh, do they bite? "he asks nervously keeping his hands near his chest because he thinks nurse sharks jump 5 ft in the air to snatch little kid hands.

"No sweetie. They wouldn't put the touch tank in if they did that. They are safe. OOOOH...touch the stingrays...mushy!"

"The Crocodile Hunter MOM!!!!!!!!!" he shrieks loudly for everyone to hear.

It's at this point that all hands came out of the water, and I turn beat red. The guide with the microphone quickly stated emphatically that their barbs are clipped regularly and that they were of no danger. Leave it to my kid! The hands started to go back in the water and a stingray swam up to the side and stayed put long enough for Colin to put his arm in and gingerly touch the mushy Crocodile Hunter killing species. Success! (and many condolences to Steve Erwin's family)

We then ventured onward to see the penguins and sharks which were very cool. All the kids kept referring to the penguins as Happy Feet.

After all of our ramblings we headed over to Rock City. A once privately owned rock garden that was made into a public attraction. Very pretty, and it boasts a place where you can "Lookout" and see seven states at the same time. Virginia, North & South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. Beautiful views and surprisingly cooler up there too.

We also ate at Sticky Fingers which is a very good bar-b-que joint. YUMMY! I can't wait to go back. The kids loved it too.

And now I leave you with this picture where it looks like the little one is flipping off the camera. Classic.



I especially enjoyed where everyone took their hands out of the water. The visual is too funny.

Thanks for stopping by! Your little boy is cutie!!

sounds fun and that last picture....oh my priceless.

I've been dying to see the penguins! Glad you had a good time in our city!

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