The First Day of School (HURRAY!!!!)

Posted by Felicia on 8:34 AM

Look at you! So handsome! Fourth grade is going to be AWESOME!!!

Ok, now we have to take a full length one of you.

Perfect! Ok, but this time without the backpack. Keep smiling...don't lose it.

Nice! Hey what's with the folded arms? Oh, it makes you look cool? Is that what 4th graders do to look cool? See I thought it was all about who collected the most garbage pail kids cards. My bad? Well, let's take a full shot again.

Again with the tough guy look. That's ok...you're still cute. Yes I said cute, tough but cute. ok? Deal with it I'm your mom. Hey! What's that? Is that the school bus?

Haha! made you look!

Wha? I was just kidding! Nice eyebrows kid. hahahahahahahahahahaha Don't put me in an asylum when I'm old kid ok?

Hey wait! Where are you going? I was just messin with you. Can't you take a joke? Oh? The school bus actually IS coming. Ok...well have a great first day of school and remember...HAVE FUN STORMING THE CASTLE!

What? It's a classic! From the Princess Bride? Hello McFly? It's funny. You'll laugh in like 10 years. Don't give me that look. I am NOT lame. Whatever...I was cool before you were! Love you! Have a good day at school. Bye punk!
He's laughing on the inside.
And a random picture of my kitty cat Milo because he's too cool for school. Awwwwww



What a good looking young man you've got! I'm sure he thought you lost your mind, but great pictures! :)

Stacey-haha! Thank you! I think he's getting used to it or else he's just plotting his revenge against me when I'm old. lol

He looks gorgeous! Wow, school already, but summer isn't over yet.

He knows his mom is cool.

You have one handsome little guy! Seriously, watch out, the ladies will be chasing him come 6th grade!

Definitely a handsome little man you've got there! AND, I didn't realize our kitties are twins! How funny :)

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