Five for Friday-80s edition

Posted by Felicia on 10:41 AM

If you were throwing an 80s themed slumber party...

1. What movies would you show? Pretty in Pink(Hello dreamy Andrew McCarthy), Sixteen Candles(I heart you Jake Ryan), The Breakfast Club (see a theme? I was all about some Molly Ringwald teen angst back then!), Valley Girl.

2. What kind of food would you serve? Cherry cokes, Doritos, Oreos, and Haagen Daaz!

3. Which childhood friends and crushes would you reminisce about? Mmmm Mike N., Donnie ,Miguel, Mike D. and Troy. Famous crushes would include Kirk Cameron, Andrew McCarthy, Rob Lowe, Johnny Depp(21 JUMPSTREET!), Duran Duran, Tom Cruise(before he got weird).

4. Which trends and fads would you lament most? Neon colors, 3 pairs of different colored socks with every outfit, side ponytails, legwarmers, cutoff sweatshirts, bright fushia makeup, blue eyeshadow, jelly shoes and purses to match every outfit known to man, acid-wash ANYTHING, too much jewelry!

5. What board or card games would you incorporate? Twister, monopoly, Trouble, Uno.



LOL I've seen jelly shoes in the shoestores and have been tempted to buy a pair. Purely for reminiscing. Oh and the jelly purse to match of course.

Those movies rocked. Molly Ringwald ruled the movies.

I have to ask my mom whatever happened to my bright pink lace gloves. Hmmm.

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