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This past week has been a little crazy. First of all we were invaded by water seeking, cupboard climbing, food ransacking, counter crawling ANTS! EVERYWHERE! I would kill them and clean up only to wake up in the morning to find they had found another way in. I even left a few ant carcasses lying around hoping they would report back to their nest to warn the others. "
Don't go! The lady is crazy;it's a place of death! Turn back!"
But most likely they were like,"Hey, the other guys aren't back yet they must have found the elusive ant heaven known as SUGARLAND, the land of plenty. Let's send more troops to check it out." (Yes, I'm slightly weird that I run dialog for ants in my head which is probably the result of a too active imagination.)
I actually called in late to work on Wednesday because it took forever to get the kitchen clean after I tore through everything trying to find all of their entrance areas. And now I see things crawling and moving out of the corners of my eyes and I'm all itchy. If my boss didn't know about the ants he might think I need to back away from the drugs.
This morning I was thrilled to find only a couple of their largeish brood milling around , that is until I stepped outside and found a bag of trash that my darling, albeit irresponsible, son left just outside the door last night instead of making it to the dumpster which was now crawling with MILLIONS of ants as opposed to the mere thousands that showed up in my kitchen. Well now I know why they left my kitchen. They had bigger stuff to find. Well along with the food they would have found their dead relatives so ha! I hate ants.

At work I have been the victim of the opposite of southern hospitality known as sexism and harrassment. Now, I love a southern gentlemen. For the most part the guys out here are polite and sweet. This week was different. These men were old school. One guy told me I was so cute he wanted to put me on a plate and sop me up with a biscuit. Ewww....This was a customer. With missing teeth, and badly in need of a bath. *cue skin crawling* Another man came in here who is a sexist pig and needs to be slapped. He came and sat down so I could help him , but he could not quite explain what he wanted me to do, and got all upset because I didn't understand his request. Then he got up and said " I'm going to go get a drink next door and when I come back I want HIM(referring to my boss) to help me." said angrily as he stormed out the door. Alrighty then! In his mind I am a woman and therefore incapable of intelligent thought. Drunken asshat. So the guy came back and my boss took care of it, and meanwhile I am sitting at my desk listening to the man make sexist remarks regarding women and how they are no good for anything other than sex. Ummm, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out! I was a little steamed for the rest of the day.
Today he came back to drop off a receipt, and made even MORE remarks about how he hates a woman to tell him what to do. I sat quietly trying to remain professional until he left. My boss turned to look at me and said, " I could feel the tension in the room. " I said, " Oh yeah! I wanted to throw my stapler at his head." My boss said, " Haha, welcome to the south. Would you like fries with that? "



I HATE ants! Those little mofo's deserve to die. I used to put Comet wherever I thought they were coming in from.

What I hate more than ants tho, are sexist pigs. May he be devoured alive by a million female ants.

I know one too many men like that jerk you were trying to help. It fires me up, and I sincerely doubt I would have been able to maintain any sort of professionalism had I been expected to put up with what you did. Congrats on not strangling the narrow-minded twit.

Eeeek! Ants AND sexists??? Awful, awful combo. Too bad you couldn't catch all the ants and set them free on those asshats.

OMG - the people you work with (customers or whatever) sounds just plain obnoxious! So sorry you have to deal with that, ugh!

We are dealing with the ant thing right now too- they are totally kicking my ass. We just can't keep up with the little demons. If you figure out how to get rid of them, let me know.

If you figure out how to get rid of the pervs, let me know on that one too :)

Hi! I am new! Found you through Cady! Anyway if you sprinkle Cornstarch around, like doorways and other ant entry areas they can't breath it in and it smothers them! I had a horrible ant problem a few weeks ago and this cleared them right on up!

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