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Posted by Felicia on 8:59 PM
Conversations with Colin

*On the way to soccer practice tonight listening to Cat's in the Cradle by Harry Chapin*

"MOM! That's the song that was on Shrek 3! "

"It was? What part?"

"When they were on the boat. Remember? When donkey sang that to Shrek, and Shrek said (insert really good imitation of Mike Myers Shrek voice) Donekay, where's the part where this is supposed to make me feel bettah?" he says laughing himself.

" That was a really good impression sweetie. " I say laughing

"Yeah, I'm like the spitting image of Mike Myers huh?"

"Well spitting image refers to someone's resemblance of their appearance."

"Oh, then I'm like the spitting....sound?"


*Driving home from soccer practice*

" Mom my stomach kinda hurts from when Daniel accidentally kicked the ball at my stomach."

" I bet it did honey, but you seemed okay after that and you practiced the rest of the time. "

" I think there might be internal bleeding though Mom."


* After his shower eating some dessert*

" I really like ice cream.", he said licking his spoon.

"It's good isn't it? It's okay for a once in awhile treat. "

"Yep, because it's delightful!"



Hilarious! That first one especially cracked me up!

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