Kid's Kingdom

Posted by Felicia on 11:30 AM
We spent a lovely, albeit hot, afternoon at the park on Saturday. It was actually quite gorgeous with the sun shining and a slight breeze. We got there 20 min. early so I told my kid he could go play until it was time to walk to the field. I just have to say that our park here is nothing short of fantastic. It's the kind of park I wanted to play on as a kid. Who am I kidding? I do it now. For the kids. Yeah that's why.
The park is called Kid's Kingdom, and for good reason. It's like a wooden castle with plenty of things to climb in, on, under, and over. It's kid heaven I tell ya. The land was a farm way back when and when the owners died they willed it to the city to be used for parks and recreation. With donated help from the community for design, and building materials, and man hours they created this wonderful place for our kids.

Look at that wood! It's a fortress!
Parents get a spot to sit and watch their children race past them in obvious glee.
Look how adorable that is. Crayon fortress? Awesome!
As you can see there are swings and plenty of trees for maximum shade. Thank you landscaping designers!
And plenty of things to climb on, swing on, bounce on, you name it they've got it. Rock wall? Oh yeah!
And when the kids get hot they can run through this water mister. Genius. I had to bribe a few kids with gum so I could lay against it for a few minutes without them shoving me out of the way. Just teasin. Maybe.
Ooooooh....twisty slides. I looooove twisty slides. And I still fit...kinda sorta....

I love this park, my kid loves this park, and it's safe, and clean, and beautiful. Could you ask more for your kid than that?



Ooh fun! Please invite me next time!

COme on down! So fun!

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