Sanity is for wimps

Posted by Felicia on 2:18 PM
"Mommmmmmm! I didn't want to miss my soccer game today!" My son says whining and in obvious disgust at my memory.

"Sweetie I'm sorry I got confused about the time of the game." I say trying to prevent a mental breakdown into the throes of whining hell.

"How did you get confused? " He says cocking his head to the side wondering how in the world I could possibly be human.

" Well because your team mother sent an e-mail stating that pictures would be at 2:45 before our game, and I guess I read it wrong or skipped over it because the e-mail also stated that it would happen NEXT week on the 22nd. I'm sorry...I'm retarded what can I say?"

" Uh...yeah." Rolling his eyes at my supposed obvious statement that he knew all along , but that I somehow just found out.

"Thanks for your support son. Oh and by the way you should know I'm having you put up for adoption next week, and I'm hoping you will be adopted by a group of traveling gypsies who happen to run a circus back in their home country of Romania and want to teach you to steal coins out of people's pockets while they perform." I say smugly

" Mom, you really are retarded. " He calls out as he walks out of the room.

" It's hereditary! Good luck!"

It totally is. Sanity is for wimps.



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