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Posted by Felicia on 9:03 AM
I LOVE cameras. Wait....let me clarify... I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE cameras. I have always been fascinated with cameras and pictures because they freeze a moment in time and preserve it. Photographic evidence of happiness, sorrow, grief, elation, triumphs, defeats, trials, and successes. They are quite amazing, and I can't even tell you how much I am obsessed with them.

My great-grandfather Grandpa Valencia used to take a lot of family photos. Now suffice it to say they were not the greatest photos as we all ended up missing the tops of our heads or there was something cloudy in the shot or inevitably it would be out of focus. This lead to the family joke of The Valencia School of Photography; if you took a bad picture you were said to be a graduate of The Valencia School of Photography. Sadly Grandpa Valencia passed away in 1992, and I was fortunate enough to have inherited his collection of Kodak cameras consisting of the folding type, the Brownie, and various other instematic ones from years gone by. I dearly love them. They are what really started my camera craze.

Over the past years I have used 35mm cameras because of the clarity of the pictures. I resisted the digital age as much as I could. What if I wanted to blow up my pictures to poster size? Huh? Would the digital pixels look too grainy? I was not a believer in digital. But times they are a changin. I have had the opportunity to use a few of them through friends and have discovered their convenience and ease of use. Oh damn you technology and your usefulness. I caved and finally bought one because honestly I still have 20 rolls of film to develop and ummm....well....the digital camera is just easier to get pictures off of. Yeah I know...20 rolls of film. I procrastinate...what can I say, but somehow developing my Paris, France pictures 14 years later makes for a welcoming surprise. *Oh hey, that's where those pictures went!*

In searching for said new digital camera I wanted something relatively inexpensive that would help me get started, and gave me a little control over some photo effects. I did my research and found this: The Canon Powershot A540. Hello gorgeous!
It is basically a point & shoot, but can be used manually as well so I can still have some control over how my pictures turn out. And the best part...I got it for $60.00 less than what it retails for. Hallelujah! I can't wait. It will arrive today or tomorrow so expect to see a lot more pics posted on this here blog. Yessiree, I am one happy little girl. Say cheese!



Canon camera rock! I have a 1000 and I love it!

Hi Hewy! Thanks for reading my blog. I am new to the Canon products myself but I have high hopes.I can hardly wait!.

Welcome to the Digital age!! Canon is awesome. You are going to love your digital camera, and you will probably take a bazillion pictures with it.

Can't wait to see your digital efforts!

I have the A630, and I LOVE IT! It's a point and shoot, but it takes wonderful pictures. I'm actually learning a little bit more about camera's and settings with it, and I think my next camera will be one of those professional digital types. Like Pioneer Woman has. That will be like, oh, I dunno, FIVE YEARS from now! Haha. My point is that Canon is a great choice!

You should check out a new flickr group I just joined. They are newly formed. Basically you are given 5 words and then you take pictures representing those words. A play on words with pictures. search for "5words" or me!

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