Two words- Dry socket

Posted by Felicia on 10:41 AM
I'd like to subtitile this- Viable reason to committ suicide

I spent the weekend in agony...let me back up a little. I went to the dentist last Thurs. because I was having tooth pain. Upon examination the dentist declared that the tooth was cracked to the root beyond repair and they would have to take it out. Como say what? So anyway it hurt like hell and they sent me home with explicit instructions to not spit, suck anything, or eat anything harder than mush, and a prescription for 12 lorcet tablets.

Fast forward to Sat. afternoon and the pain gets WORSE and I am out of pain medicine. By Sat. evening I am writhing in pain on the couch, and nothing, and I do mean nothing, is helping. I called my mom and she came over and brought Eugenol (Clove oil) and cotton balls. By this point I was ready to throw myself out a window. Let me just describe the pain. It starts in your mouth, throbbing, and pulsing, radiating towards your jaw and neck, up to your ear and underneath your eye socket. I could literally have clawed my face apart it hurt that bad.

My mom called the dental answering service and threatened to hurt them if they didn't call the dentist A.S.AP. They called back and asked what the pain felt like. I said like birthing pains, but in my face, and could you please just read my mind because this talking thing is not cool. She says..." Ohhhhh, you have DRY SOCKET." Nooooooooooooooooooo F%&*#*@&^@!!!! SO they called in another pain prescription and some antibiotics just in case. All I can do now is wait and try not to over medicate which is pretty damn tempting to be honest.

To bring this home for you I drew an illustration for your entertainment and enjoyment. Obviously it is not to scale and proportions are not accurate as I am nowhere near being that skinny, but I figure I'm in enough pain without adding insult to injury so I drew myself skinny. It's my pity party and I'll do what I want to....
I read that dry socket can last like 2 weeks in some cases. Please pray that I am NOT one of those cases. Disneyworld won't be the happiest place on earth if I have to be taking painkillers...on second thought....



That totally sucks. Tooth pain is second only to giving birth. Yeah, you described it incredibly accurate.

Thank god for your mom, aren't they wonderful.

I hope you're feeling better in time for your vacation. You want to be 100% when you're running around the park with a crazy happy look on your face!

Wonderful writing...keep it up, girlfriend! ;-)

F.E. Thanks! Today was a lot better and I didn't even need narcotics strong enough to put an elephant down today! Woohoo progress! As for my mom, I guess we never really outgrow our need for them from time to time eh?

Anonymous-Thank you. I really appreciate that compliment. You'll never know how much it means to me.

I feel your pain, believe me I do been having that pain all week now, and cant find a dentist, who can take me :( so now i live in pure pain ugh....

Oh goodness ... you're the second person I've known this month to go through the agony of dry socket. My friend Jamie had her wisdom teeth out, and after two days of horrible pain, her dentist finally agreed to see her. I hope it goes away quickly - I think hers lasted less than a week. :) There's hope!!

Oh, and your drawing rocks! Very funny. :)

oh baby.
so sorry.
I'd gladly share my pain meds with you.
do you have a oven vent that works to eliminate smoke? maybe we could work out a deal....
I'm having a bit of a bad week myself.
feel better.
feel better
feel better.
pain be gone....*poof*

there I did what I could.

That sounds awful! I had a friend who had her wisdom teeth out and got FOUR DRY SOCKETS! Aaahhhggg! After reading your description of it I am not sure how she managed to live through it. Ouch. Glad you're feeling better.

Wow...Im am so glad to hear your story. I have dry socket now and my ear hurts like I have an infection. The whole left side of my face hurts like someone hit me with a bat...I would rather be dead than to have to deal with this pain any longer. I got my wisdom teeth taken out on Dec. 14th 2007 and now it is Jan!!!!

Haha, searched dry socket and happened upon your blog. I can completely relate to your picture. That was so me this past week!

Isn't it awful ! The pain is soo o intense and
I know what you mean. I am a mother who had 3 children, several surgeries and this by far was the worst pain I have endured. Many tears shed and pounds lost.

My dentist suggested pulling a tooth that was decayed. He had a terrible time getting it out.
I should have had enough sense to get up and walk out but I didn't. He was in my mouth for an hour.
By the time he finally succeeded, my body was shaking and I didn't know if I could drive myself home. A few days later, I had pain along the entire left side of the jaw and a sharp pain in my ear.
I was terrified to see another dentist but after being up almost all night and not able to go to work, I dragged myself to another dentist. I refused to every go back to the "butcher dentist". After a quick exam, He told my I had dry socket, lots of trauma and injury to my mouth. He also said the regular dentist should never have pulled this molar, I should have been sent to an oral surgeon. The only thing to do was to wait and let it heal and prescribed pain pills. A few days past,
the pain continued to the point, I wanted to jump off a bridge. I couldn't sleep thru the night regardless of how many narcotics were taken and eating was such a painful event, most times I opted not to eat. finally I went to an oral surgeon. He cleaned out the area, removed bone fragments and sutured my gum closed.

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omg. your picture is the first thing to make me laugh in a week. its like a self portrait of ME! hilarious! btw, i found this blog by searching "dry socket suicide" =( worst pain of my life

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