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Posted by Felicia on 12:30 PM
*I have stood here before inside the pouring rain,With the world turning circles running round my brain,I guess I'm always hoping that you'll end this reign,But its my destiny to be the king of pain.*

My reign of pain has ended. *knock on wood* I had a rough weekend hugging my pillow and mumbling incoherently about stabbing the dentist..I think that's what it was because it was all incoherent and all. By Monday the pain was subsiding, and I was down to 20 lorcets a day. Ok I exagerate a bit, but hey it seemed like I was sucking those things down like M&M's. My boss was kind enough to pay me for drooling on the keyboard and offering inappropriate finger gestures to customers who made that day more difficult for me than it was. By Tuesday I actually woke up and didn't feel the need to take enough pain pills to tranquilize a small elephant. Progress!

And today I got my stitch removed and the evil thing in the white coat was kind enough to shove a rank, medicine soaked piece of gauze into my gaping hole where my once beautiful and useful tooth used to be. And the kicker? I owe more money for the fact that it turned into a surgical removal and not a straight extraction. Wait, I'll bend over so you can shove it farther up there. Yeah thanks for that. *Call me* But anyhoo I am feeling sooooo much better, and oh hey, the sun is actually shining, and the world is beautiful again, and my kid has grown 7 whole inches. Where does the time go?

Remember that whole "my son may have AD/HD" thing I posted about? Well as it turns out ...he has it. The inattentive type. The doctor was very nice, and explained everything to us, and then because she is magic she made it go away. Poof! I wish. We got a prescription and some samples for the medication he is on already and some diagnosis letters for the school, and things that will help us pull an assessment together with the teachers so we can get his needs accomodated. He's not learning impaired he just needs to be taught in a different way. You wouldn't tell a blind kid to start seeing when they clearly cannot. They need another method to learn. That's all he needs is another method to learn. Amazingly the doctor read my mind and wondered why the school could not have been proactive at the time of my first conference and given him the assessment he so clearly needed as opposed to just waiting for an official letter from a doctor. See a need, take care of a need. Nuff said.

We are preparing for our trip to Florida next week, and are tres` excited. We will be staying in a luxury 3 bedroom suite/condo with a livingroom/kitchen/dining room and balcony. *Color me happy there's a sofa in here for two.* So wonderful! You think there's ANY chance I might run into Johnny Depp wearing his Capt. Jack Sparrow costume while I'm there? And that he'll leave his wife for me because I look amazing(read ridiculous) in Disney paraphernalia and comfy sneakers? No? Rats! One can dream can't they?

Apparently I am in hot demand for my awesome cupcakes once again. So far I have made 3 dozen cupcakes for a baby shower, and I have an order for more cupcakes from someone who tasted the baby shower cupcakes. Word of mouth is the BEST advertising. I have been thinking of new flavors like S'mores, Key Lime Pie, Chocolate covered Strawberry, Italian Creme Cake, Irish Cream, Cookies N` Cream, Death By Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Banana Cream Pie, Snickerdoodle, and many others. Any suggestions? Comments? Orders? Hehehe



glad you are feeling better. i have my doubts about you seeing johnny depp, i was looking for geoffrey rush and he never did show up BUT there seem to be a few jack sparrows around the park and they...ok, they aren't johnny depp but you know...they'll do in a pinch!


Hehe, you crack me up with the inappropriate finger gestures thing. You see, this has been a particularly hectic work week for me, and while I did not have prescription drugs to excuse me, I still made inappropriate finger gestures at customers, and I even told them off a time or two.

Of course I was on the phone with them and they were on mute.

But still, it's the thought, right?

P.S. Glad you are feeling better. And I wish schools would be more proactive period. Instead of asking all kids to fit into the same mold.

Glad to hear you're doing much better. Things are looking good for your vacation.

Ooooh cupcakes. I've been busy with my mixer and things have turned out pretty good. I'll have to post some pics. I have to stop though, trying to lose weight. Damn that kitchen aid mixer!!!! It's the devil's instrument.

Oh about the flickr thing, I don't know if it's true, but better safe than sorry. I'm still pretty conflicted about pics on the 'ol blog though.

PS. I just love The Police

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