3rd day-Islands of Adventure

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The third day of our vacay found us at Universal's Islands of Adventure. And let me tell you just how much fun we had. If you were thinking lots then you were right, but I have no prizes at this time. Check back later! Hehe
We thoroughly enjoyed our time there and went to Jurassic Park where there was water to be played in, caves to explore, bridges to cross, and kids to scare. Yes...we scared the kids. There is a part of the play area with dino footprints and when you step on them it makes a different dinosaur sound. Ok..so it scared me first which is why I knew I must share with others. Especially if they are under 10. Because I care. Really I do.
This was Popeye's Bilge Rat barges. It's like a rapids ride where you get totally soaked. very nice in 90 degree weather. And the fun part is after the ride you walk up to Popeye's boat and use the water guns to spray the people in the barges. Great fun. I think that was more fun than the ride.
Spiderman. The boy's hero. He died of sheer joy right before he took the picture and we had to revive him so it didn't look like Spiderman destroyed him in the pic. His smile lasted a good 30 min. after this meeting. Go Spidey.
A view of Suessland from one side of the park. Totally cute and fun. Like your childhood Suess books come to life. I was happy girl. And the kids liked it too. Not that I cared. Nope not one little bit.
And to think that i saw it on Mulberry Street. Dr. Seuss! respect!
After we ran ourselves ragged around the park and they finally kicked us out we wandered over to the Citywalk to eat dinner. And this is where we ate for dinner. Come on...you cannot not go to Universal and NOT eat at Margaritaville. Had to. HAD to. I had been to his sister Lulu's place in Alabama in July. I had to try this too.
The have a guy who plays a guitar for entertainment and he played all kinds of fun songs including the restaurant's namesake- Margaritaville. And look what I found. Just look.
I found my lost shaker of salt! Haha Too fun!
This is what I had. Crabcakes! Yum! Now some crabcakes are made of a little bit of crab and a whole lot of breading , but it was just the opposite here. LOTS O' CRAB.
My kid had macaroni & cheese. No Cheeseburger. No paradise. But just the same...fantastic!



I have to seriously get myself and the family to Florida, stat! It look like you guys had so much fun. I love amusement parks and this would be like I died and went to heaven. I'm glad you had lot's of fun and yes, you were very successful at making me jealous.

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