4th day-Busch Gardens

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We spent out fourth day in Florida driving to Tampa to spend a day at Busch Gardens. I kept dreaming of beer. Maybe it was just me. Busch Gardens was like zoo meets amusement park. Animals and roller coasters. Good times people, good times. When you enter the park you see this. Alligators. Staring at you. Anyone for a swim?

On to the gorillas. They had a bee-u-tee-ful exhibit for the gorillas complete with waterfalls, trees, and LOTS O' HUMIDITY. Geez. I sweated 2 pounds off of me walking through there. I even smelled gorilla like prompting several people to throw bananas at me throughout the park.

The claim to fame at this Busch Gardens is the roller coaster called SHIEKRA. It is floorless and drops people at a 90 degree angle. It was insanely fun. Short and sweet. And the best part about it was NO LINES. We got on in less than 5 minutes. SO we rode it again for good measure. I can't imagine waiting 2 hours to get on a ride. I just don't see the fun in visiting a place where the waits are longer than 20 min. for a ride. How is that fun? Off season is the way to go.

The little safari adventurers. I love those little boogers.

There is the coolest area towards the back that is all egyptian. I love me some egyptian. It's that whole archeaologist Indiana Jones thing. LOVE IT!
This is the boy as the High priest of bodily noises.

They have the coolest walk through exhibit of King Tut's tomb as it was found back in the early 1920's. Are you kidding me? Awesome and creepy all at the same time. The flash of my camera doesn't capture the fact that it was all dark and lit only by candles because those crazy egyptians didn't believe in flourescent lighting. The boy clung to my side like linen bandages on a mummy. Speaking of mummies...SWEET! King Tut!

Here is my own little pharoah King Toot.

Since we were not far from the beach we decided to go and have a looksey, but it ended up being dark, and so pics were of no use. But it was nice to smell the salty air, and the temperature was perfect. Because of that we decided to eat al fresco at a place called Guppy's. It was casual gourmet. I've said it before and I'll say it again, but seafood....not my thing unless it's sushi. And of course with a name like Guppy's what would you expect but seafood. I decided to be adventurous though and order some. On the menu they had reef fish. Like veal of the ocean. They don't move around much, and so they taste less fishy(gamey). A mild flavor as the menu put it. So I chose the trio of Hogfish, Opai, and Red Snapper. Gorgeously presented I might add.
The Red Snapper is on the left followed by Opai and the Hogfish. Cut to me being surprised. I loved it. Expect for the Opai. Not my cup of fish. Everything else though was super tasty. Reef fish rock. What a great day!
We got back to the hotel late got the kids into bed, and literally collapsed into be-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



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