Day 1- Pool time/Pirate Adventure Dinner Theater

Posted by Felicia on 5:28 AM
Wow! What a whirlwind vacation. My head aches from the roller coasters, my stomach is torn between gastronomic heaven and hell, and my feet have staged a coup, and have decided to secede from their body of government. And who could blame them. You know its bad when your feet hurt worse when you STOP walking. Stupid feet. You're supposed to be supportive.

Needless to say we had a fabulous time, and the week literally flew by. We came home yesterday morning and vegged all day and C ended the night in tears because he still wanted to be on vacation and "it's not fair that it flies by so fast mommmmm." he said crying hysterically. Poor guy.

So I will attempt to regale you all with pictures, and fun times we had. For the next week I will make this a photo/food/vacation blog. The rides! The fun! The photos! The food! Oh my...did I mention the food? Did I? Because ...like....WOW!

So today I'm posting about our first day. We checked in early to our fabulous 3 bedroom condo and hit the pool. I on the other hand wanted nothing more than a shower to clean up 12 hours worth of traveling grime off my face.

This is the pool. Suhweet! I swear the kids would have been happy staying in here all week. Disney wha??? There's a pool! With waterworks! And water fountain shooty things! A Jacuzzi! Who needs Disneyworld?

Accccckkkk! I'm blind. Whiter shade of pale anyone? Yikes! But at least we won't worry too much about skin cancer? Right?

Later that night we went to the Pirate Adventure dinner show. It's all about the pirates lately. And hello...they were hot! It was really fun because you get assigned a pirate color and that's the section you sit in and the pirate you cheer for. They offered appetizers in the main hall and had a mini-scene to set up the story for the show and let you peruse the gift shops looking for classy souvenirs like "hand over yer booty" on a guy's shirt and rings that looked like oozing bloody skulls. Like I said, classy.

This is what we saw when we entered the main dining area. There was a big ship in the middle complete with water surrounding it. AWESOME!

This is me and the kids. Ignore me. Please. I was tired and way too shiny in the T-zone area. (*note to self..get blotting papers)
My little pirate is cute though!

Now the food...the food was...well....it kinda blew. It wasn't the WORST food ever, but it definitely was not great for the moolah we spent. Chicken that was dipped in too much seasoning, wilted veggies, and the shrimp was mushy. Seriously...mushy shrimp? How long do you cook it to get like that? Bad. Oh well, at least the potatoes were good.

The show however, not mushy. It was really fun and they rely heavily on audience participation. Kids, adults, contests with the pirates. It was spectaaarrrgggular! hahaha I highly recommend it. C couldn't see straight he was so excited. He wants to be a pirate. I told him to download some music off the internet and not pay for it. Just teasin. I'm not worried. He's 9. It's normal. Now if he tells me he wants to be a pirate when he's like 17 and looking for colleges...then I'll worry.

Surrender fair maidens or I'll make you walk the plank. ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!



Aw, you're a good mama! How fun!

that sounds like a fun place to eat...too bad the food wasn't good. :(

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