Day 2 - Sea World

Posted by Felicia on 5:05 AM
We headed out early Sunday morning for a full day at Sea World Orlando. I was excited because I had not been to a Sea World(San Diego) since I was 4 months pregnant, so we are talking a good decade ago. I felt like a whale then so it wa s a good place to feel validated. It was really cool to see the differences in the park, and I was excited that this time I would get to ride the rides, namely The Kraken, and Atlantis. The Kraken was a fast, floorless roller-coaster that was made to thrill. Sooo fun...I luv me some roller coasters. Atlantis was a cross between a boat ride and a coaster that boasted a long descent splashing into the water below. Surprisingly we didn't get wet because I wisely chose the back of the ride. Watch and learn! lol (oh by the way, you can click on the pics to make them bigger)

We headed to a few shows that day and wanted to catch the Shamu show called Believe. Ok...the premise of the storyline is the story of a boy who has a dream about working with whales and he carves this whale tail out of wood and wears it around his neck. he then gets in a boat and has an experience " communicating" with Killer whales. This kid is supposedly the trainer who comes out wearing the whale tail necklace and they go on about believing in your dreams, and then..to cinch the whole " I'm only crying because I have something in my eye deal" they pick a child from the audience and put him on the big screen and ask him what his dream is and hands the necklace to him. * (I'm getting a little teary-eyed here...talk amongst yourselves.) Ok all better. To say I cried was an understatement. I blubbered. Like a whale. Darn Sea World and their stupid inspirational crap.
The whales were magnificent by the way.
These are my favorite maybe because I feel a certain kinship with them. hahaha They are the manatees! Or what they have been affectionately dubbed "sea cows". I wanted to get on the back of one and hug it. How can you not want to? Sooo cute..must look away. The coolest thing was that these gentle giants were all rescued and recuperating from various accidents. They are eventually released back into the wild , but for now they have a pretty sweet deal. I want one to keep in my bathtub. It's a jacuzzi tub it would totally fit. Ok, well a baby one then. I will hug it and kiss it and call it George.
These feisty sea lions were hilarious. They knew where there fish were coming from, and they sang for their supper. We bought some fish and began feeding the greedy things. If they weren't given fish they barked at you until you did. I barked back, until we had a concert going and then several people asked me to go away or they would give ME fish. Haters. I was connecting.

For dinner we ate at the coolest place- Sharks Underwater Grill- next to the Shark Encounter. It was nothing short of awesome. Pricey, but worth it for the atmosphere alone. The front of the room is the shark aquarium. Huge glass and you watch them just swim by. C had an amazing time. But $7 for a kids chicken tenders meal? Geesh!
This is what I had. And it was worth it.
Sharks Trio
Our culinary team has fashioned a special presentation of their finest seafood creations - herb crusted tuna, scallops and shrimp, pan-seared, seasoned with rosemary, cilantro, parsley and basil, or if you prefer, blackened with zesty cajun spices. Finished with a mango-papaya sauce
Yum! I am not a big sea food person, but this was awesome. I chose the herb-crusted variety. I love that word. Herb-crusted. Doesn't it make you want to cry? Or devour the whole thing and worry about calories later? But just think about all the Omega-3's. Think about that while I dip my herb foccacia bread in some more olive oil.
The last show of the night was fun. It was called Shamu Rocks. And that's pretty much all that happens. They play rock music and he does stunts. So do the trainers. And they dance. I bet they didn't realize that would be happening when they filled out the application. It was fun watching though.

All in all, we had a fabulous day, and hurled ourselves into a cold shower at the hotel because oh...did I mention the temp. was in the 90s? Because it was, and it took every ounce of willpower not to hurl myself into various water tanks around the park. I even wore shorts. In public. The horror.



Sounds like SO MUCH FUN!
I've always wanted to go to Sea World, no I want to go even more!

what a fun trip! i was so young the last time i went to orlando i can't even remember the trip. i really want to go back. it sounds like you guys had a blast!

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