Digital Camera Fun

Posted by Felicia on 5:15 AM

I finally started playing around with my new digital camera this weekend to see what it could do. My main goal right now is to play around with the manual settings because I want to see what kid of effects I can do with it. This is what I did.

This was the first one I took.(Above) I told C to move around and I snapped the camera with no flash. You can see the face, but barely. He sort of looks headless. LOL
This next picture I told him to run from one side to the other, and as you can see it is just a red streakish blur. Try again!
I told him to walk fast for this one and it turned out a little better. Ghostlike movement, but still too blurry for my taste.

This final shot turned out better and made him look blurry, but you are still able to make out the general body form. I used a setting of 1/4 with an F2.6 to get this shot.

I will definitely be trying out other techniques, and try to recall what I learned in 11th grade photography class. Yeah right. I have trouble remembering last week let alone 16 yrs ago. Haha...and now I feel old.

I think my fave thing about this digital camera is that I can keep taking pictures and just delete what doesn't work as opposed to wasting film. I LOVE MY CAMERA! By the way...does anyone have any suggestions for other camera effects that I can try out?



I am really becoming interested in photography. I don't really do effects with my camera, I prefer to edit in Photoshop afterwards. Right now I am focusing on getting good, quality pictures that really do not need much editing. Yeah, that's easier said than done! Have fun, and just keep playing!

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