Mrs. Clean

Posted by Felicia on 8:28 AM
Yesterday was a terribly busy day,and my head was swimming with things I still needed to do.
I finally sold the loft bed that my son screamed about not wanting anymore. But, I don't want to sleep up high anymore! And so I got him a different bed frame because you know, I am made of money. The lady called on Monday to come see the bed frame and I gave her directions and told her we would be home at 6:00pm because my son had a Dr.'s appt. Cut to us at Sonic having a leisurely dinner in the cool night air without a care in the world. We get on the rode at 6:15 and she calls to say she is almost to my house. Oops! I totally forgot to get home early so I could clean up the trash bin I call my back porch. I had piled newspapers there as well as bags of clothes that the boy had outgrown and were awaiting a fate of thrift store purgatory. I got there 5 min before she arrived and launched myself out the back door with a broom. Too late...the doorbell rang. I let her in and 3 teenagers trailed behind her. It never fails. You can turn a blind eye to the messes in your house, but when you look at it through another person's eyes...whoa! I do my best to herd them through the back door into the other embarrassing mess. Here it is, just step over the clothes. Sorry...cleaning out...no time...I procrastinate...ahhh!!! Look at the darn bed frame while I huddle in the corner with shame and embarrassment. I'm a good host like that.
Fortunately for me she overlooked the mess and decided to buy it. Because really...I'm not a slob...well a tad disorganized...cluttered maybe. But I have plans! Big plans! Just you wait! She gave me a good offer and we spit on our hands and shook. She'd be back tomorrow evening. I waved goodbye and disappeared into a cloud of dust and cleaner for the next 20 min. Voila! Clean(ok...rearranged and tidied.) I then set to work on the rest of the house vacuuming, dusting, and putting 10,000 things away that were teetering on my coffee table. Whew! What a difference. I collapsed into bed and didn't wake up for 20 hours. I wish.
The lady came over the next night with only two teenagers following her this time, and the first thing she said was, "Oh you cleaned up!" Of course I did, you just caught me on a bad night because usually I clean every day. Yep, that's me scrubbing the floors and walls, and picking up stuff off the carpet by hand.EVERY DAY. Because I'm a NEAT freak! Me and Mr. Clean are like tight. Don't be fooled by the cobwebs. I keep those up to scare away any bugs that might try to inhabit this ULTRA clean house.
Ok...I nodded and turned red, and told her to pick up her stupid bedframe and go. Like she has the neatest house on the block. Just the same I'm following her home to find out. I'll try not to judge too harshly. She does have teenagers after all.



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