Posted by Felicia on 9:26 PM
Tucking my son into bed tonight I handed him his nightly medication and some water. He stalled of course holding the pill between his fingers and the water in his other hand trying to stall the inevitable bedtime. I told him to swallow the pill so we could say prayers and I could kiss him goodnight and finish packing for our trip. This is how it went.

"Take your pill sweetie."

Holding said pill in hand he begins to inspect it. " Why is it so spongy?"

" Because it is made with gelatin so it will dissolve easily in your stomach."

" What's inside of it?" he asks staring intently at the blue and white pattern.

" Medication for helping to treat your ADD." I say matter-of-factly.

" I think the DD stands for doo-doo."

" Attention doo-doo?"

Laughs hysterically for a moment and then says, " Attention...Doo-Doo!"

Dr. appointments-$150 a session

Medication: $30 a month

Having a sense of humor about your condition: Priceless



Awww, I fully believe having a sense of humor is the key to a happy life.

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