Silly Sunday

Posted by Felicia on 9:02 PM
My cat Milo is awesomely mellow. Sweet, independent, loving, and more importantly, tolerant because I torment this animal for my amusement.

What? It was cold in the house!

Cat & Mouse! Respect!
Lookin cool yo
Say what?
I just love that furry orange beastie.



Dahahahaha! That's one patient cat to sit and pose for ya!

Haha! How stinking cute is he? Cats are entirely too funny for their bad rap (or is it wrap?).

My cat Digit is the most gentle creature you will ever meet. And loyal, omgosh that cat is loyal.

My cat Sprite is the biggest nerd. The cat loves to have her rear end smacked (vet approved). She's like a dog getting his side itched.

I have 3 cats myself. And they are none so tolerant!

Granted, they are outside kitties. This is the country, after all. But they are rotten to their very cores.

My dog, on the other hand, lives inside. She puts up with everything. She may tinkle a little in the floor if she gets overly excited. Or hide under the bed when she gets tired of things. But she's a real trooper.

I just want to grab his little face and kiss it! Cats rock.

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