Ten for Tuesday-Random and not related

Posted by Felicia on 10:01 AM
1. I once picked up a dead rat and took it into my kindergarten teacher's house. She screamed.
2. I'm not big on chocolate. I don't crave it. At all.
3. In the 12th grade I once helped a friend egg a girl's car who had been dating her boyfriend behind her back. I felt horrible afterwards. I still regret it. Teenagers are dumb.
4. I can still do the splits.
5. I am bad about returning phone calls.
6. I remember getting into a accident at age 6 in my babysitter's van. Her husband locked me and my sister in the back of a car in the hospital parking lot. We were hurt but never got looked at.
7. I am an insurance agent, but I hate selling things. Wierd. I don't even like those stupid fundraiser things that schools send home because I hate asking people.
8. I can name songs that fit particular moments I am in at any given time. No, it has no use but to amuse me.
9. I want to visit Prince Edward Island because I looooove Anne of Green Gables.
10. I want to perform in plays on the stage. I just might. Ya never know.



I've never been able to do number 4! LUCKY!

I'm amazed I still can Nannette! lol

i've never been able to do #4 either, but i've always wished i could! i've also always wanted to go to pei. it's the anne of green gables lover in me. i really hope to go someday!

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