10-4 the ex-boyfriend is gone. Over!

Posted by Felicia on 8:47 AM
Now I don't usually talk about my love life on this blog because some things I just need to have for myself, but last night begs to be told.
Last night my ex-boyfriend showed up on my doorstep unannounced. Later that night a police officer showed up at my doorstep as well. What happened? Let me fill you in!

I went to Wal-mart after work to pick something up and then came home. I made dinner and just as I put it on the table there was a knock at the door. It was the ex-boyfriend. Ex b/f and I broke up almost 2 years ago. Since then we have remained friends, more like aquaintances really, and occassionally bump into each other or he shows up unannounced like last night. I hate that. So anyway, he comes in and we catch up a little. He tells me about his new job(s) and how he is seeing this new girl at his church, and I fill him in on our vacation. After about an hour he leaves. I walk him to the door and he hugs me goodbye and kisses my forehead. (fatherly much?) Well technically I would have to be on a chair to reach him if I wanted to because the guy is a gigantic 6ft 7. Yes...6 ft 7 in. tall. I'm all of 5 Ft.3 in. So he kisses my forehead and walks out the door. Very awkward indeed. 15 minutes later there is a frantic knocking at my door and I open it to find him standing there visibly upset with his hand in his hair.
"What's wrong?" I say wondering if he has just been in an accident.

"I need to talk to you now! Come outside please and shut the door" he says demandingly.
Now I'm getting weirded out. What the hell?

"Did something happen are you ok?" I ask looking very puzzled.

He then proceeds to ask me if I could EVER see us getting back together again and wants to know how I feel about him, and tells me I'm wonderful, blah, blah, blah,nobody like you etc... and basically confronts me about how he still loves me and can't move forward unless he knows for sure whether I could never be more to him than a friend. Excuse me? Wouldn't the BREAK-UP TWO YEARS ago been any CLUE?? So anyway to sum it up I was crying because he put me on the spot and I told him no and hurt his feelings, and he said he didn't think we could be friends anymore. I hate drama.
I went back into the house crying and did what any girl would do and called up my best female buds to vent a little. I called up my friend M. No answer. Then I called my friend J. No answer. So I finally get a hold of M and vent. J calls back and we talk for a bit until the doorbell rings. I get exasperated and tell J I have to go because someone is at the door. I joke about him stalking me, and I say goodbye. At the door is my friend M who stopped over to see if I was ok. So we get to talking and the phone rings. I ignore it because I'm in the middle of a conversation with M. The phone rings once again and so I pick it up.


" Yes, hello. Is this Felicia? " says a woman's voice.

" Yes it is. How can I help you? I say wondering who the heck is calling.

"This is the police department. We just got a call from your mother."

" Oh my goodness is she ok?" I say instantly sick with fear and worry.

"Your mom called saying that your ex b/f is banging on your door harrassing you. Is he still there."

"What? My mom called you??? No, no, no. He was here earlier, but he's gone. Nothing happened.Really. Don't worry about it. Thanks!" I say as my fear turns into mortification.
" We still have to send someone out to investigate ma'am."

" Ok!" trying to sound cheery. "But everything's ok! Really!"

This whole time M is on the couch laughing. I call my mom and ask her if she called the police for me. Of course this freaks her out and she says no and inevitably, "why?" I'll call you back mom! Then I call J. "Did you call the police?" I ask. " Maybe?" She says sounding sheepish. " Why would you do that??" " Because you said he might be stalking you and then someone was banging on the door and he's HUGE and I can't leave to come see you because of the baby!!" OMG Are you kidding me?
Not seconds after I hang up with J then the police officer is trepidatiously walking up to my door asking if everything was ok. I explained what happened and he started chuckling. He spoke into his walkie talkie " Negative on the DD(domestic dispute)" I yell " Yes! Negative ghost rider! 10-4!" He took my name and said goodbye. M is about to fall off the couch from laughing so hard. I am completely red and wishing I were a puddle on the floor. This was way more drama than I needed. I sniffled and walked back into the house to blow my nose. I need a drink.



hilarious! i'm glad that you were really okay, though. you definitely have some good friends...

oh, i am sorry you had the drama but glad that you have such good friends!

Sounds like a chapter in the story of my life! But isn't great to know we have friends who will go to great lengths to make sure we're OK? :)

Gee whiz! Such drama. Thank goodness you're safe though. And kudos to your friend for calling the cops, that's some friend with chops.

Ditto the Flying Enchilada!

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