7 random things about little ol' me

Posted by Felicia on 11:05 AM
1. I cannot sleep with any type of long pajama pants or socks on my feet. I get way too hot, and then end up waking up to take them off which makes me cranky. The exception to this rule is if I am camping in cold weather then bring on the pants and socks.

2. My grandmother once made me a peanut butter & jelly sandwich when I was little by putting the peanut butter on a slice of bread and then putting the jelly on top of the peanut butter instead of on the other slice of bread. I got really upset and started crying. She never made me another peanut butter and jelly sandwich after that.

3. I don't like watching horror movies because of all of that violence and gore. They make me sick to my stomach and I end up feeling horrible for hours after. I do however like "ghost" movies, and suspense.

4. I once got pushed into the water on a log ride at Knott's Berry Farm when I was 5 yrs. old. We were waiting for the "log" so we could get in, and a maintenance man accidentally bumped me sending me flying into the water. I got a new outfit. When I was babysitting my friend's daughter we went to the botanical gardens and she fell into the fish pond trying to touch a fish. I bought her a new outfit. Lesson: Fall into water;get a new outfit.

5. I twirl my hair whenever I get nervous or feel bad or I am anxious about something.

6. I got my little 15 yr old heart crushed by a boy named Matt Neznanski in the 9th grade. He told everyone on the bus he had no desire to go with me to the school dance...EVER! I was so embarrassed, and I cried all night that night. Matt, if you're out there and reading this...you suck! (I'm still a little bitter over that.)

7. I have about 25 different lipsticks and lip glosses in my makeup case. It's a sickness, I know.



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