Confliction and cha-cha

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My spawn, and I say this with nothing but affection because this little retelling of a story he told me leaves no doubt as to whose influence he got this from, told me how he was on the playground with one of his friends when he saw a sad looking little kid.
"Mom, he was a kindergartner and he was sitting on that spiraly thing on the playground, and he looked all sad."

"Did you go up and talk to him?"

"I told my friend he looked like he was spiraling into a depression."

He laughs hysterically while I shake my head and try not to encourage him.

I don't know whether to be proud or scared. Maybe I'm both. Just so you don't think he doesn't have a heart he did go over to the kid later and asked him what was wrong. Turns out the kid didn't have anyone to play with so my son pointed out another kid he could play with who was his age. So he IS sweet, he is just also sarcastic and witty, like his mom. Now I'm really scared. And proud. I'm so conflicted.

Here's a funny video while I work this out. Please ignore the messy bedroom as I am procrastinating organizing in there.

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That video is hilariously cute, as was your son's comment. :)

The boy's got wit. A definite inherited trait. He also is a sweetie, just like his mama.

I can't believe I watched the whole thing and didn't get to see him cha-cha-cha! He is the cutest thing. I think I just saw a Latin Dance Workout show on TV this morning... I couldn't look away from the man in the pink satin shirt!

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