Cinnamon roll cupcakes-AKA Cinnabon fakes

Posted by Felicia on 11:39 AM
New cupcakes! YUMMMMMMMM!
I got creative and decided to make something perfect for fall weather; something with cinnamon in it that would make the whole house smell good. The inspiration for these cupcakes came from Cinnabon's cinnamon rolls which are to die for fantastic. I made my own version of this in a cupcake, and boy howdy did they ever turn out good. I made 4 dozen and handed them out to my mother's co-workers, and the good people over at Geico insurance who I used to work with. They were dubbed fantastic beyond words and now I am writing it down for future reference when I open up my cupcake shop Viva La Cupcake!

All baked and ready to be frosted. See the swirls of cinnamony goodness that just makes your mouth water, and your tastes buds squench with anticipation?

All frosted and ready to be eaten!

The inside full of cinnamon, brown sugar, and butter. Did I mention they were fat free??? because that would have been a bold faced lie. If I were the lyin' type ya know? But I'm not, and they're not fat free but you can share and then its only half the fat, but these were too good to share so full fat it is!

Just to add a decorative touch,because I'm all about touches-that sounds dirty-, I added a sprinkle of cinnamon. Voila! Cinnamon roll cupcakes that taste like a Cinnabon. Glorious. I'm gonna go lick the bowl now.



These came up on my google alert. Would you mind sharing the recipe? They look amazing!

those look and sound incredible! if you don't give us the recipe, i'll be forced to go to cinnabon and eat a dozen cinnamon rolls! =) thanks for sharing the pictures

Oh man, those look good.


Here I am sitting, starving, it's almost dinner time and then i take a look at these. Well, I know what I'm having for dinner. A giant vat of fat with cinnamon.

I want to be the first in line when you open up your cupcake shop.

did you ever share this recipe-- cinnamon roll cupcakes?? I am so wanting to try out different recipes and would love to try yours.

I just came across these cupcakes on your blog and would absolutely LOVE the recipe, if you still have it! The Cinnamon Roll cupcakes look AMAZING! : ) Thank you!

Joyfully, Maggie

These sound so yummy :) Any chance the recipe is still floating around?

as previously asked, is this recipe still around? its exactly what i need! thanks!

Good news! I found the recipe in this post -
Cinnabon Fakes Cupcake Recipe

So now we can all enjoy them!
Nom away!

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