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Funny thing happened yesterday. I swallowed glass.
Yeah, glass. We went out to eat at a nearby restaurant. I order an unsweet tea(you have to say UNSWEET here in the south or they add 2 cups of sugar to your glass)and take a sip. Yum! I pick a crouton off of my son's salad, and take another sip and swallow. Ouch...maybe I didn't chew the crouton thoroughly enough. I swallow again. Ouch! That hurt. I pick up my glass and swirl the spoon around and notice a 2 1/2 inch piece of broken glass swimming around with the ice and a couple of shards at the bottom with the lemon seeds. Uhhhhh, Waitress? There's a fly in my soup...uh I mean glass in my drink. The girl looked startled and took it away and not 30 seconds later the manager appeared. She wanted to call an ambulance, but I was ok. It just felt like I needed to clear my throat a lot, and it DID scratch it a bit, but nothing major;I wasn't coughing up blood or anything. Besides, it couldn't have been terribly big because it fit through the straw. Still, it freaked me out a bit, and my son started crying afraid that something bad was going to happen to me. The girl came over and asked if I wanted another iced tea. Uh..negative ghost rider. No thanks. She got the hint and brought me a bottled water. Smart girl.
Needless to say I didn't want to eat just then so they took care of the check, threw in a dessert, and gave me a business card with numbers on it so they could take care of the medical bills should it be necessary to seek medical attention.

I felt bad for them. It wasn't intentional and they were a little freaked out about it, but they were very apologetic and took care of us. Still...glass in my drink? Now I won't be able to drink anything without checking it out first.



OMG! I'm glad you're ok! And I'm glad they were concerned!

Eek! But I think I know how it happened. I'll bet a server scooped the ice with the glass. Rather than using an ice scoop.

I'm glad you are okay.

oh my gosh! are you going to go to the doctor? did it finally go down your throat all the way? i hope you are okay. i swallowed a feather once and it was horrible enough. i can't imagine a piece of glass!

Thank you guys for your concern. Y'all are sweet. I'm fine. It unnerved me a bit, but it did finally go all the way down my throat. I haven't had anything bad happen because of it, but if anything starts to feel funny I will definitely be checking it out with el medico'.

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