I'm selling t-shirts?

Posted by Felicia on 11:35 AM
After reading through the searches on my bloglog thingamadoo, I have made a snap judgement wise decision. I am changing the name of my blog.
Now of course I knew when I named it "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner" that I was referencing a cinematic piece of dialogue from an all too favorite classic american movie. (The fact that I just called a movie from 1987 a classic suddenly makes me feel old) I loved that line when I saw the movie because it spoke volumes, and I identified with it. Ok, well not in 1987 because , well I was only 13 and why would my highly dramatized teenage angst make me feel a kinship to Baby Houseman just because my mom said I was SOOOOO not allowed to wear makeup until I was 15???? Haha...where was I? Oh yeah, well, it wasn't until post-divorce and several life experiences later that I TRULY knew what that line implied, and so when I started this blog I thought it was fitting with my new take on life. Enter searches.

Google search: Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner T-shirt
Very popular line. I have no doubt that wearing it on your chest is a bold statement. But I do not in fact sell these. Sorry. But here is where you can buy these fabulous shirts.

Google Search: Nobody Backs Baby Into a Corner
Not exactly right, but close enough.

Google search: Baby in a corner.
Dude! Why are you putting your baby in a corner? You have to wait till they are at least 12 months old.

Google search: Baby Corner
I am guessing they were looking for a a department store for baby stuff or a place where they sell babies on corners. Where can I get one?

Google search: Nobody puts babies into a corner.
Not that I know of, but they have been put into flower pots.

So...I figured I would change the name to avoid this popular pop-culture saying.
I am giving this some thought and will come up with something between now and the weekend. Or, I can always just keep the name and start selling t-shirts. If you can't beat 'em...join 'em?



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