Memory Lane

Posted by Felicia on 5:42 AM
I was digging through some stuff in the closet and came upon some old photos that had apparently seperated themselves from the safety of their photo boxes. They made me laugh and so I thought I would share.

This is my grandmother in the late 40s. She was a hottie! Her name is Lolita. It fits. Whatever Lola wants...Lola gets...

14 months old and playing dress up while carrying a purse. This would set the stage for later purse purchases. They learn early I tell ya.

This is me at age 5 with my sister and my cousin. What is up with all the pics turning red from the 70s?

1986 6th grade graduation. I puffy hearted the movie Sixteen Candles and just flat out adored Molly Ringwald. Remember the last part of the movie when she's at the wedding? Oh yeah...totally did my hair like hers AND had a freaking wreath of flowers in my hair. Because I'm classy like that. Ethereal even. Retarded definitely.

And the piece de resistance is this little photo op my mom couldn't pass up. Apparently on Christmas mornings I had a penchant for removing all of my clothes so I could wear anything new I got from Santa. Oh but yes. I don't do that anymore. I'm much more ladylike now. Oh hush up and quit staring! Like YOU never did anything wierd as a kid. Geesh



i love the pictures! your grandma sure was a hottie... sometimes i wish those hairstyles were still in style. and your christmas morning tradition? priceless...

Love em!

And my mom's name is Lolita, too!

Always be prepared for new clothes ... you learned that at a young age! :)

Haha - that is too funny!

LOL, you didn't miss a beat!

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