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Posted by Felicia on 11:27 AM
Anyone who knows me well...ok...just knows OF me probably is aware of the fact that music is like air to me. I NEED IT, CRAVE IT, LOVE IT. I have music of all kinds like opera, musicals, country, rap, heavy-metal, pop, rock, jazz, blues, etc....I glean a little bit from almost every genre.I may not be a complete fan of any particular genre I just like what I like. My collection is eclectic to say the least. On my iPod the playlist reads like a Billboard chart for the last 50 years. Not counting the classical music from the 1700-1800s. Beethoven! Respect! So when I read Nanette's blog about a random shuffle on the ipod I decided to share my own. These are 10 songs that came up in order when put on shuffle.

1. Your Song-Sung by Ewan MacGregor from Moulin Rouge.
I love this song because for one its a musical, and second, it's Ewan MacGregor. 'Nuff said.

2. Beloved-Minnie Driver
When I saw Minnie Driver had a CD out I first thought,* oh great another celebrity actress that thinks she can sing.* But when I heard this song I really, really liked it. The girl CAN sing. I am going to church to repent my judgemental ways.

3. Beautiful Disaster- Jon McLaughlin
If you have not heard this guy yet go download it, or buy it, or listen on Amazon.com because this guy is easy on the eyes. Oh yeah...his music rocks too. If I had a song to describe me this would be it.

4. Come on Eileen- Dexy's Midnight Runners
FUN! FUN! 80s FUN! This song is the epitome of the 80s for me, and whenever I listen to it I am in a good mood.

5. What I Cannot Change-Leann Rimes
This song sounds so different than what she has done before. It's beautiful and haunting.

6. Think About Your Troubles- Harry Nilsson
This song is from a record he did called The Point. It was a musical storytelling from the 70s. My uncle played this for us in the car, and whenever I hear it it takes me back to childhood.

7. I Don't Feel Like Dancing-Scissor Sisters
It's like The BeeGees, and Abba, and Queen had a baby and this is what it sounded like. The song is fun and makes me smile.

8. Hey There Delilah-Plain White Tees
Such a sweet song. I was hooked after the first listen.

9. Family Affair-Mary J. Blige
I cannnot not shake my booty when I hear this. Yes, it's probably highly inappropriate to shake your booty at the Dr.'s office. Don't ask.

10. Sunday Morning-Maroon 5

As you can see...very random, very eclectic, very me.



Great list! I have Jon McLaughlin's album. He opened at a concert I saw recently. Very nice live.

Yes, very eclectic, but most of it is stuff I'd listen to as well!

ok, i'm gonna have to do this too. Good list.

Ewan MacGregor...I just love him! I love that smile of his.

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