PB&J Cupcakes

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Ok...remember the cupcakes I told you about? No? Well scroll down and then come back up here. I'll wait........All done? Ok cool. I decided to start sampling recipes and I made a PB&J cupcake today. It rocks! Here are the pics.

I started with a white cupcake base to mimic white bread. Even though I NEVER use white bread to make sandwiches. No fiber.(says the girl making the fiberless cupcakes)I'm a dichotomy like that. SO anyways, I filled it with a berry fruit filling. Lookin good!

Then I put its top back on. Waste not want not.

Then I frosted it with a crunchy peanut butter frosting I whipped up. Crunchy is good. I can make it creamy for all of you non-crunchy fans.

A peek inside when you bite into it.

Voila! Peanut Butter & Jelly cupcakes. Yum!



mmm...that looks yummy!

Those look AMAZING!

Wow ... I say go for it! I'd drive from Chattavegas for a yummy cupcake!

man i love cupcakes!

oh my goodness, that sounds SO good. i LOVE PBJ sandwiches, so i will have to make these. thanks for sharing!!!

Thank you everyone for the kind compliments. They are so fun to make, and I hope I can make some success from it.

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