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I think my boss is trying to keep me chubby. I think he's conspiring with his wife on this.
Every day I bring in something for lunch, and he always ends up buying me lunch, but its the psychological torture that makes me cave. Case in point, today I brought fish because I need my Omega-3s and its just darn healthy for me. My boss looks at the fish, and says " Fish? Fish? Are you serious? How about a sandwich? My treat." (It is ALWAYS his treat) I thanked him and said no, and he went out the door to pick up something for himself. He came back with a sandwich the size of Texas that smelled so good my stomach growled. He said " I bought it big enough so we could share." Awwww...gee thanks. Ass. And I stupidly caved and ate a small portion because I have no willpower whatsoever. But it was just a small portion so it wasn't horribly bad. But still....
His wife is blonde, and cute, and petite; really petite. When we met for the first time she hugged me in what I like to refer to as the " Thank you for being fat so my husband won't be tempted to cheat" hug She was utterly adorable nonetheless. Since then the sabotage has only gotten worse. Every day its something different. I don't think I've eaten this much take-out in my life. I know I can order the salads, but I HAVE NO WILLPOWER. It's a conspiracy I tell you. SO I do what I can and make him cupcakes because he's trying to lose 20 lbs. I'm supportive like that.



Hey, I have no willpower either. Pot luck last Friday? Oh yeah, I was bad. I like your revenge, though. I bring in cake because I'm supportive, too. ;)

um...you can come be supportive over here...i don't mind.

i have no willpower either. haha. i like your idea. :)

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