She, He, IT

Posted by Felicia on 2:03 PM
My cat Daisy Faye Buchanan is in fact....a male as evidenced by the fact that said male cat was scheduled to be neutered today. My embarrassment was evident when they asked me HIS name.

" Um....well funny story. We ...uh....his name is Daisy Faye."

*silence* Commence babbling

"We were told the cat was female and my son named her and well he would be heartbroken if we had to rename it and, and, and well I figure the cat will be gender neutral when it is fixed so, well...there ya go."

"It's ok ma'am, some guy brought his dog in named Cat. We see it all the time."

"Whew! I thought maybe you guys would have me arrested for animal cruelty, gender confusion even. haha Well, here she is...I mean he...IT...whatever. I'll pick the cat up at 5:00. I'm going to go hide now."



Um ... you didn't notice? :-)

The cat was 7 weeks old and it was really hard to tell....lol Late bloomer. It became painfully obvious to me a few weeks after we got the cat but by then she was already named sooo.....Daisy it is, kinda like a Boy Named Sue. HAHAHAHA!

ha ha... that's pretty funny. i once had a male siamese cat named cuddles who was anything but cuddly.
hopefully daisy is a little more understanding after her... his... it's surgery =)

Well, it is an "American" trait to re-invent one's self. Gatsby certainly did. See if he answers to Jay . . .

All the best,

Nick C.

Jay...lol The poor thing is confused already. Besides...Daisy Faye just pretends to read; always ripping the pages in my books. lol

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